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20 Annoying Daily Struggles Women Can Relate To


It’s another tough day for all the women out there! And don’t say that the sun is shining and everything will be perfect, because women have daily struggles that can possibly drive them crazy one day. Okay, where do I start? Underwear issues? Like picking the right bra, or fitting in your panties? Or should I mention online shopping? Maybe the fact that we need to shave? At least winter is coming, so we will leave that one for the summer. Here are the most annoying things happening in a woman’s life.


Being a woman is probably the toughest job in the world.


Try not relating to at least five of the photos below.


1. War paint


Shopping for makeup is the messiest experience a woman has. I don’t think any man could handle this.

2. Hair accessories


Do you often wonder why women need all those hair things? Well, now you have your answer! They either get broken or they get lost. The second reason is more common…

3. Egg head


This is never a good look, I’m telling you!

4. Caught in this kind of trap


It’s more common that it seems.

5. Take care of it like it will save your life.


The last hair bobble you have is the most precious thing in the world, isn’t it?

6. Wall art


So much hair falls out when we have a shower that you can become an artist.

7. Don’t sneeze


If you sneeze, everything will fall apart. And, of course, you are too lazy to repair it.

8. When you finally let go


If you put your hair up, it will stay up all day, because this happens afterwards.

9. That struggle before you go to bed


Going to bed with makeup on is not what you need to do right now… But you are too lazy to do it, right?

10. Such a catcalling nightmare


Catcalling doesn’t make you seem attractive guys! Stop it!

11. Windy hair


Windy hair, don’t care! But please go away!

12. Taking the bra off at the end of the day


After so many years of wearing a bra, I can only say I want to quit wearing them for good.

13. Head burns


Curling your hair is totally risky!

14. Shaving nightmare


Shaving is an art. Don’t do it until you mater it. Cutting yourself on your legs hurts like hell.

15. Broken compact


When this happens, you feel like the world ended.

16. Hair tie marks


We wear our bobbles so we don’t lose them, but that’s not good for us at all!

17. Can you stop asking those questions?


Do you really need me to spell it out for you?

18. High expectations


Some periods are like this, and it’s no exaggeration.

19. When your period is almost over


20. Going fast


Where did all the conditioner go?

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