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20 Of The Best Anarchist And Rebels That You Can’t Get Mad At


Some rules are just made to be broken. But, sometimes, you can’t really do anything about a certain rule. If you live in North Korea, for instance, you need to follow these if you want to survive. Luckily, we are not in Nort Korea, but some people are really brave when it comes to going against the rules. Whether it’s schools or the actual law, it takes guts and talent to oppose the “right” behavior. The following people know how to do it with style and pride. And you can’t really get mad at them, because they are true rebels at heart!

We got so used to the rules of living, that anyone who breaks a simple rule like not carrying an umbrella when it rains can seem odd and awkward. We stop at the red light, we pay our taxes and we tip the correct amounts in restaurants. But every once in a while, coms someone who rebels against the system, and after a while they start to look cool. Maybe one day, we get to see a real revolution, who knows? Until then, we are left to wonder at the following people’s actions and try not to react shocked.

1. Going against the laws in Saudi Arabia

This is actually a pretty serious win.

 F*ck Your Laws, Saudi Arabia

Source: ReportPhotographer

2. This funny guy

This Guy

Source: hakon_dale

3. The government said he can’t install a garage door. He didn’t care, though!

Government Said He Can't Install A Garage Door. Whatever

Source: Eric Vekeman

4. When things get intense at college

When Things Get Intense At College

Source: theedjman

5. Conservatives were burnt

Conservatives Were Burnt

Source: notautobot

6. Rebels on a set

Rebels On A Set

Source: SlimJones123

7. When you are also hilarious

 I Dont Give A Damn

Source: Blazer3011

8. Hugh Jackman, rebelling against this picture

Hugh Jackman, The Savage

Source: Hugh Jackman

9. Original badass

 Original Badass

Source: punkemon80

10. Do not print labels unnecessarily

 Do Not Print Labels Unnecessarily

Source: Chicaben

11. This kid is a real rebel at heart

 This Kid Gets It

Source: supersammy00

12. Quadrupled anarchy at its best

Quadrupled Anarchy

Source: reddit.com

13. Guy standing

Guy Standing

Source: JanWolkersleeft666

14. This is just the perfect dedication of an anarchist. So inspiring!

 The Level Of Dedication For This Type Of Anarchy Is Just Inspiring

Source: reddit.com

15. 3D art is the best

Because F*ck 3D Art

Source: jimmysalts

16. This kid will be a true rebel

This Kid Gets It

Source: MyNameIsPearson

17. This is simply hilarious and technically, he is right!

 I Mean... I Guess He's Right?

Source: Lobbandy

18. Can’ stop laughing!

 Just Try To Stop Me


19. This cameraman gets it, too!

 This Cameraman Gets It

Source: ThatOneLucasKid

20. He doesn’t even need luck

This Guy Doesn't Need No F*cking Luck

Source: gumzilla
From: boredpanda

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