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20 brilliant life hacks every lazy parent should know. I know you’ll thank me for #9!



You don’t have to be a lazy parent to like this list. Parenting is a tough job and any effective shortcuts which help you save a few minutes, tears or nerves should be welcomed. This list is not for the lazy parent but for the proactive parent…well except for 13…that’s for the tired parent!

1. Use magnets to attach your kid’s cup to the fridge so they can help themselves to drinks when they are thirsty.



2. Whatever works to stop them putting their fingers where they shouldn’t be.

2. The easiest way to put an end to the drawers issue.


3. Organise their lego once and for all, also good to help your child start sorting shapes and colours.

3. Store your kid’s Lego bricks in the smartest way possible!


4. Four steps to enjoying a mandarin.

4. The funniest way to eat a mandarin orange, in 4 simple steps.


5. Go shoe shopping without the pester power.

5. Never struggle again to bring the kid with you to buy new shoes.


6. Plasters to prevent nasty shocks.

6. DIY way to prevent your kid from sticking his fingers into the power sockets.


7. Slap a milk jug handle over the light switch so your young scientist can’t keep repeating the theory of light and darkness.

7. Hack the light switch with a milk jug and your kid won’t be able to play with it.


8. Pizza cutter for pancakes!



9. Great way to save the mattress.



10. Drawstring bags to refill your diaper genie.

10. Use trash bags to refill your diaper pail.


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