20 Disney Movie Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind!


The world of Disney is so magical, it blows our mind with new discoveries all the time. Our childhoods were enriched with the overwhelming magic and enchanting happily ever afters and theirs hidden sesrets too.

Screen Rant put together a really cool list of 20 Disney Movie Secrets. It’s a part of the Know Your Movie series and actually its everything you think it would be, and more.

From cameos (pay attention to the painting with the swing in Frozen), to behind the scenes secrets (The statues all over Beauty and the Beast, who knew!), you’re in for some good time with this video.

And of course, if you know any secrets that are not mentioned in this video (and who knows how many more there are), be a pal and share them with us? That’s why we have a comment section 😉

Source:Screen Rant


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