20 Everyday Problems Every Woman Will Understand


There is no need to say that Cassandra Cailin is breaking the internet. The 21-year-old Romanian-born Canadian artist is so so talented. She became famous because of her spot-on illustrations of the daily struggle also known as womanhood. Her hand-drawn comics show all of the embarrassing and frustrating situations every woman struggles with.

As Cassandra explains on her website the webcomic series she creates are semi-autobiographical in which she talks about her everyday life, personal experiences and first world problems.

“I enjoy laughing at my awkward self and ranting about silly misfortunes such as being born with curly hair. I like 90’s music, cartoons, pineapple, and cats. I like cats a lot.” wrote Cassandra.

1. Wearing Lipstick

Well then…

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2. Surviving the Summer

3. Wearing Pants

Best part of the day.

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4. Buying Lingerie

(full comic link in my bio)

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5. Using WebMD

Turns out it was just a pimple.

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