20 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Nicole Kidman

20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Nicole Kidman


Is there anyone that just doesn’t simply adore this beautiful 50-year-old Aussie actress?
Fairly recognized around the world for her killer-performances in every film she stares at, she is definitely one of the most talented actresses that probably ever lived.

Ever wanted to know some extra details about this renowned A-list Hollywood superstar? Take a look at this list consisting of 20 facts about her that so far you probably didn’t know about.

1. Nicole was born in Hawaii

One of the most distinct features about Nicole Kidman is her Australian accent. However, she was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1971.  Her Australian parents relocated to Washington D.C., but moved back to Australia when she was 3 years old. She primarily grew up there and has a dual citizenship.

Nicole is very good at tricking people into thinking she's American when she acts, but she's actually Australian!

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2. Nicole is nicknamed “Storky” because of her height

The actress is actually really tall, she stands at 5’11”! Nonetheless, she used her height to her advantage in one interview with Late Night’s host David Letterman soon after her publicly acrimonious divorce to the famous actor Tom Cruise. When asked what she’d do after the divorce, she quipped: “Well, I can wear heels now”, implying her ex-husband’s shorter stature.

Nicole is really tall. She stands at 5'11"!

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3. Nicole and Tom Cruise adopted two children during their 11 year marriage

The two Hollywood actors wed in 1990, but split 11 years later in 2001 and claimed their breakup was due to career conflicts. When they were together they adopted a son named Connor Cruise, and a daughter named Isabella Jane Cruise. After their parents separated, they’ve chosen to live with father. However, they’re all grown up now, Connor is 22 and Isabella 24 years old.

People noticed that she rarely wore high heels when she was married to Tom Cruise. When asked about what she'd do after her divorce from Tom, she replied, "I can wear heels now."

Source: Daily Mail

4. She’s a Self-Taught actress

Nicole’s career in film spans for over 30 years. She has proven that she is a great actress through her serious dedication to each and every role and ability to mold herself into a character. She has taught herself many different skills like how to twirl, throw knives and even took a taxidermy class to prep for her role in Paddington. For the film Queen of the Desert she learned how to ride camels. She learned how to sing for Moulin Rouge!Happy Feet, and Nine, but in Windrider she lip-synced. The most impressive fact so far, is that she was able to teach herself how to write with her right-hand, despite being left-handed. This particular feat was for her role as the famed right-handed author Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

And she looks absolutely fabulous in heels!

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5. She’s been best friends with Naomi Watts since they acquainted on the set of the film Flirting

Although they’ve known each other since they both attended the same high school and theater company in Australia, their friendship forged on that particular set.

 She's been best friends with Naomi Watts since they attended the same high school.

Source: Daily Mail

6. After Nicole and Tom divorced, she said she had a very rough time.

Back then, Kidman not only lost the one man she trusted and relied on, but she started to think that things would go straight downhill. The perks of being Tom’s wife had stopped, so she started to believe that her job offers would shrink.

After Nicole and Tom divorced, she said it was a very tough time. "My life then was nothing short of a nightmare. When I split with Tom, I thought people might simply forget about me, that directors wouldn't cast me."


7. Nicole found love with Keith Urban!

Soon after the divorce with Cruise, she married Keith Urban with whom she has two daughters, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

Nicole has now found love with Keith Urban!


They’ve been happily married since 2006.

They've been married since 2006.

Source: E! Online

8. Her husband is always there to support her

It’s no secret that filming the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies took a toll on Kidman — but thankfully, she had a constant support system in Urban off camera. “Luckily, I have a partner who is artistic so he understands what it takes to support that,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I came home to loving arms, someone who would hold me, and I was really upset at times,” she admitted. “Really damaged, really upset, and physically and emotionally drained and in pain — my neck, particularly.”

She said that it took Keith four months to ask her out on a date.


Here’s a cute photo of her and her loving family

Nicole has four children. She adopted Isabella and Connor while she was married to Tom. She has two daughters, Sunday and Faith, with Keith.


9. Nicole became the first Australian actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress

Nicole became the first Australian actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress!

Source: Closer

She won it for her performance as English writer Virginia Woolf in the 2002-drama-film The Hours. 

 She won for her performance as Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

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10. Nicole admitted that she will always remember the Oscar as a “symbol of loneliness”

The Academy Award came during a period of intense loneliness. “Winning the Oscar was a turning point, but not in terms of my life as an actor, because it was incredibly validating, but it actually symbolized loneliness to me because I didn’t have anyone to share it with at that stage in my life,” she confessed during a Q&A session at the British Film Institute London Film Festival.

“I was like, ‘Wow, this means I need to get my act together and I want to fall in love,’ so it was weird,” she said.

 Nicole admitted that winning the Oscar wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. She won when she was at a low point in her personal life.

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11. While on The Tonight Show, she revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she had a crush on him and he completely missed all the signals she was giving him!

 While on The Tonight Show, she revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she had a crush on him and he completely missed all the signals she was giving him! Jimmy, you blew it. You could've dated Nicole!

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12. Everyone loves Nicole’s acting! Julia Roberts personally requested Nicole to be her co-star in the film Secret in Their Eyes

 Her peers even know how talented Nicole is! Julia Roberts personally requested Nicole to be her co-star in Secret in Their Eyes.

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13. Aside from acting, Nicole also enjoys writing short stories

How cool is it that she can call Julia her friend now? I want them to do more movies together.

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14. She was badly injured While Filming Moulin Rouge!

During the production of Moulin Rouge!, Nicole fractured two ribs and injured her knee while practicing a dance number for the film. The production was immediately halted for two weeks and many of her scenes had to be shot from the waist up including the performance, ‘A real actress!’ because she was in a wheelchair.

 Nicole can clearly sing! She did all her own singing in Moulin Rouge! but she has yet to record a duet with her husband.

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15.  She constantly uses sunglasses, sunscreen and various hats in an effort to preserve her youthful look

She's very good friends with Jim Carrey.

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16. She’s a natural redhead, although she is blonde most of the time

She's mostly known as a blonde now, but she's a natural redhead.

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17. She suffers from Lepidopterophobia, an acute fear of butterflies. Strange, right?

She has stated that she can’t stand the flapping of their wings and their ability to fly together in swarms. Despite this odd phobia, she did agree to appear in a commercial for Omega Butterfly where she kind-of faced her fears by standing in front of some paper butterflies.

Because she's Nicole, she looks great as a blonde or a redhead.

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18. She received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2003.

She received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2003.

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19. The actress also runs her own production company called Blossom Films, founded in 2010

 When she's not busy being an actor, she also runs her own production company called Blossom Films.

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20. She’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador

The great actress is also an activist! In 2006, she was appointed a United Nation’s Goodwill Ambassador for her work on raising awareness for women’s human rights around the world, particularly focusing on violence against women.

Nicole also makes sure to use her fame for good. She's a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Source: Daily Mail

All in all, here’s a lovely gif with a scene from the unforgettable musical film Moulin Rouge!. Make sure to find some spare time to watch it if you still haven’t.

You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.

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