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17 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Your Favorite Movie ‘Trainwreck’


I’m hesitating on starting this text with the question “How many times have you seen Trainwreck?” instead of “Do you remember the movie Trainwreck?” The 2015 romantic comedy about the hard-drinking, promiscuous young magazine writer played by Amy Schumer, having her first serious relationship made many of us relate and fall in love with the movie. Plus, it seems stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer is everywhere and saying hilarious stuff! She also released a book named The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo in 2016. If you want to fall in love with the movie all over again, here are some behind-the-scenes facts that will remind you of everything that was good about it!

1. Amy Schumer spent two months practicing with a cheerleading squad for her dance routine

Reportedly, she said it was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do!


Source: Basement Rejects

2. Segments of the plot are based on Amy’s childhood

Her dad suffers from multiple sclerosis and she was initially scared to put that storyline in the movie.


Source: The Epoch Times

3. Chris Rock was on set when the LeBron James’ scenes were filmed

He also came up with several lines that LeBron says in the movie! Isn’t that cool?


Source: The New Yorker

4. In the original screenplay, Amy actually wrote “Tilda Swinton Type” to describe her character’s boss

Judd Apatow found out and he called Tilda and offered her the part. And, of course, Tilda accepted, because she is a great fan of Judd!



5. John Cena actually practiced with a male stunt double for his sex scene with Amy’s character


Source: Boston Magazine

6. Judd called Amy about making the movie together after he heard her interview on The Howard Stern Show


Source: Movie Fone

7. He couldn’t believe how funny she was while discussing her father’s illness


8. Amy wrote the script with Judd in mind as the director

So it all worked out well eventually.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

9. Judd wanted Bill to get the male lead role but he wasn’t sure how he would interact with Amy

So Judd actually made them secretly hang out and get dinner while he watched them interact as a secret screen test. It worked!


Source: Luddite Robot

10. Aaron’s story about his first kiss is actually the same story as Bill’s first kiss

Amy wrote it into the script because she loved Bill’s story.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

11. The infamous photo of Daniel Radcliffe walking a million dogs is from the movie!

Daniel thought it was hilarious that people actually thought that he quit acting to be a dog walker.


Source: Us Weekly

12. Amy wanted LeBron James to be in the movie really bad

She wrote his scenes down to the exact type of Tom Ford suits he would wear, hoping he would accept the role.


Source: Seattle Times

13. Amy said the hardest scenes to shoot were the scenes where she’s fighting with Brie Larson’s character

Brie’s character is based on Amy’s sister.


Source: The Business Insider

14. Amy started to think of Brie as her younger sister

They became very close.


Source: People

15. John’s girlfriend got very angry that he agreed to perform the sex scene without her permission

John eventually had to publicly apologize to her.


Source: The Business Insider

16. Amy is a huge fan of The Royal Tenenbaums and she stole a line from Anjelica Huston’s character in the movie

Anjelica says, “Where’s the doctor?” when she finds out Royal has cancer and Amy’s character says the same thing to her dad in Trainwreck.


Source: Variety

17. Whenever Amy had a series of one-night stands, she insisted that those scenes be shot with her character saying goodbye to them at the door

She was afraid of what the critics and the audience would think of her character as slutty.


Source: Coming Soon

Was your favorite John Cena line “My safe word is pineapple” too?


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