20 Strangely Gross Things Women Experience In Winter

Winter is here and it can get too damn cold sometimes. It’s time for those fluffy jackets and all those hats, gloves, and sweaters. Do you know what its also the time for? For doing some unusual things. Some women will agree that winter is the time we do some pretty gross things. There’s something about winter that brings out that side of women and they are certainly not to blame. At the end of the day, everyone is a little quirky in winter. Here are 20 gross things that many women do when winter comes, listed by Auntyacid.

1. You put your tights on and get that uncomfortable feeling.

Then, you realize why you don’t wear them all year.

The second you stand up, they go down and you are just frustrated.

2. Constantly pulling your tights up all day long.

So boring!

3. You suddenly realize that you’ve been wearing the same tights for a month.

You do have 30 other pairs, but who has the time for that?

4. You’ve put everything on you and are ready for the snow outside, but…

Now you realize that all of that is making you sweat.

5. What to do now, keep the layers on or take them off?

But what about that ugly tank top you put on?

6. So you decide to go to the toilet to cool down.

But hiding is not good, you gotta keep going.

7. Now you also look hot. And by hot I mean sweat is coming out of everywhere.

You are basically melting.

8. Can you guess what’s next? Boob sweat!

9. The next day you just wear a simple sweater and a light jacket.

You immediately regret this decision.

10. But you already left the house and there is no going back.

You are not giving up, whatever happens!

11. The cold has made your skin so dry that it looks like the Sahara desert!

Just think about your palms.

12. When you rub your face to warm it up, you can see clouds of dust.

It’s only skin!

13. So you go overboard on the moisturizer…

Are you greasy enough?

14. What about your lips? Your lips are just as bad.

So all you do is chew your dry lips.

15. Here come the bloody lips.


16. Keeping silent is the best option.

If your lips crack any more, you will die.

17. And also cover up in lip balm. 

You’re wearing so much lip balm now that it looks like you have a white shade of lipstick on.

18. How about wearing real lipstick?

No way!

19. Oh, here comes the winter cold.

Your throat begins to scratch, your nose begins to drip, and you just feel like you are dying.

20. Now you lie in bed all day.

Here are some more nasty things women do, but will never tell you.

Source: Auntyacid