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20 Hilarious Kids Who Couldn’t Care Less About Weddings

It's A Huge Mistake

In the material world that we all live in, having a wedding can cost you a real fortune. Luckily, there are people who realised that weddings can cost as little as $1,300 and they actually made that happen. While these people are quite rare, what you can often find at weddings are hilarious kids playing around, looking for another way to have fun. As they are not the centre of attention there, they would do anything just to be noticed. These children are all we need at a boring wedding we didn’t even want to attend in the first place.

As you can see from the hilarious wedding pictures below, compiled by Bored Panda, kids couldn’t care less about what’s polite. Kids are far from following the wedding rules and they’re going to let you know exactly how they feel. Adults probably feel the same way, but they will never tell you, will they?

1. Flower girl is just tired of this wedding

Flower Girl Is Tired Of This Wedding Sh*t

Source: imgur

2. Another flower girl just stole the show in the middle of her aunt’s wedding

This Little Flower Girl Who Stole The Show In The Middle Of Her Aunt Wedding

Source: Annette Burgess

3. Weddings can be quite boring for kids

Weddings Are Boring

Source: David Ferguson Photography

4. Boy vs. wedding dress

Boy Vs Wedding Dress

5. This flower girl who did not care a bit about the vows

This Flower Girl Who Just Doesn't Care About The Vows

Source: Abby Photography

6. Her expression says it all

Her Expression Says It All

Source: orangegirl

7. The way you look after an all-day wedding affair (the suitcase are all his travel toys)

My Little Cousin After An All-Day Wedding Affair (The Suitcase Contains His Travel Toys)

Source: sruvolo

8. Bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem during Britain’s Prince William’s And Catherine’s kiss

Bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem During Britain's Prince William's And Catherine's Kiss

Source: Matt Dunham

9. This kid is not a fan of weddings.

This Kid Really Doesn't Like Weddings

Source: nombski

10. Little kid lights up the dance floor at a wedding

Little Kid Lights Up The Dance Floor At A Wedding

Source: Estell Keel

11. Protect that bride!

 Protect That Bride!

12. Little boy decides to throw the ring bearer pillow down the aisle

 Little Boy Throws The Ring Bearer Pillow Down The Aisle

Source: Kyoot Kids

13. It’s a mistake!

 It's A Huge Mistake

Source: Kelly Hornberger

14. Flower girl before the wedding vs. flower girl at the end of the reception

 Flower Girl Before The Wedding. Flower Girl At The End Of The Reception. It Was A Long Day For Her

Source: ElBandejo

15. Take me home!

Please Take Me Home Now

Source: Craig Paulson Photography

16. I’m tired of everything!

 I'm Tired Of This Sh*t

17. You’ve got to catch them all

 Gotta Catch 'Em All

Source: Del Sol Photography

18. Kids will be kids

 Kids Will Be Kids

Source: alexandra_raetzer_photography

19. When your son steals the show

Received Some Of Our Wedding Photographs From Our Wedding Last Week. Our Son Stole The Show

Source: biggamebader

20. Best wedding photobomb

My Friend’s Daughter Just Dropped The Best Wedding Photobomb I’ve Seen In A While.

Source: DrunkCinderella
From: boredpanda

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