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20 Hilarious Twitter “Fights” Cole And Dylan Sprouse Had


Two of the wealthiest and highest paid Disney actors, American twin actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse were a great part of many teens’ lives. And they are all grown-up now. From 2005 to 2008, they starred in the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

After the success of the series, the media has called them “heartthrobs” and “overwhelming draws” among preteen and teen audiences. Following a clothing line, book series, and magazine, they have millions of followers around the world. The Suite Life on Deck became the most-watched tween/children’s television show in 2008 and 2009. So if haven’t had enough of these hilarious guys, make sure to follow these buddies on Twitter and fall in love with them all over again.


They regularly throw clever punches at each other via social media. Hre are some of the funniest ones.

1. This one where Dylan questions Cole’s suggested movies list.

The two share a Netflix account. But it makes you wonder how it all led to this particular recommendation.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

2. Cole’s “Look at them now!” update.

The Sprouse twins sure have aged unexpectedly. But you must love them for these kind of jokes, too!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

3. When Dylan didn’t question his superior intelligence.

Did he actually take the quiz? I know you are dying to know who is the smarter twin.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

4. The time Cole got mad at Dylan for not joining in on this hot trend.

Why does Dylan have to be such a poor sport?


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

5. When Cole “congratulated” Dylan on his return to acting.

What was better was Dylan’s cool response to his twin brother?


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

6. Cole’s dig at brother Dylan with this unusual comparison.

You need good research to find that article. Well done, brother!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

7. Cole worrying about the tabloids.

This warning to Dylan is so hilarious!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

8. Cole’s burning coming back to bite him.

Could anyone tell who was who on The Suite Life?


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

9. This realistic Photoshop of Dylan, courtesy of Cole.

Will they look like this when they get older?

Source: Twttier | @colesprouse

10. Dylan giving us this incredible throwback of Cole.

If you ever wanted to see Cole in a fedora, here is your chance!

Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

11. Dylan’s supportive tweet about Cole’s appearance in Riverdale.

What celebrating his brother’s accomplishments looks like for Dylan.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

12. When Dylan had to check himself before he wrecked himself.

Before Dylan can destroy Cole on Twitter, he stops himself with this epic pic of Cole with skating legend Tony Hawk.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

13. When Dylan tried to label Cole.

Dylan, trying to send a message to his twin brother with this tweet. So, what is in fact his message? Anyone?


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

14. However, Cole was ready with a clapback.

Cole is not so silent after all!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

15. Both are clearly the winners in this one.

The more you look at the photo, the more you think about the tweets the twins hit each other with.


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

16. Dylan’s reply to Cole’s tweet.

At least they both found happiness with this result.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

17. When a fan tried to send a funny pic to Cole, and he turned it into a burn on Dylan.

So, where is the resemblance?


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

18. Dylan’s sad post about an article.

At least they have each other.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

19. This Google search that made Dylan think he gained the upper hand.

Google searches don’t lie. Well, unless you type in one wrong letter, and then you question everything.


Source: Twitter | @dylansprouse

20. Cole responded with this search.

You can never get enough of them!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

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