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20 Incredible Makeup Transformations That Also Embrace Natural Beauty


For some people, makeup is everything. From their first thing in the morning to their last thing before they go to bed. Sometimes, makeup can be too much and the person loses their natural look, but most times it can make a great impression. Here are some makeup transformations that are worth seeing to acknowledge the power of makeup. Makeup artists spend hours to transform people’s faces and satisfy clients’ wishes. No matter whether makeup is just pure fun or a serious part of your routine, here are photos that will leave you startled. These shocking pictures reveal the transformative power of makeup and embrace your natural beauty as well.

1. Freckles are gorgeous!

Some people who have freckles can’t wait to cover them up. But people often embrace their true selves and leave them without cover, because they are simply beyond beautiful! That’s why we love this transformation. It highlights her freckles instead of concealing them.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

2. Contour on fleek.

I keep wondering what we were all doing before contouring was a thing… It’s been such a game-changer that it’s almost impossible to imagine applying a full face of makeup without it.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

3. Lashes for days.

It’s amazing what a pair of fake eyelashes can do to glam up a look. But they are indeed tricky to put on…


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

4. Shine bright like a diamond.

Makeup is here to enhance your natural beauty, which is why the right eyeshadow and mascara can really transform you.


Source: Instagram | @ivetsmakeup

5. Happy and smiling all the time!

The best thing about this transformation is how happy the woman looks in both photos. The best thing is to feel good in your own skin.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

6. Dress up for the occasion.

A great way to use makeup is for special occasions. Then, you are allowed to shine like a diamond.


Source: Instagram | @1701hairandmakeup

7. Beauty and inspiration.

We don’t know this woman’s story, but we hope she loves her makeup transformation. Although makeup isn’t a prerequisite for beauty, it’s good to see it put a smile on someone’s face.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

8. Bye bye, dark circles!

Watching TV late at night will not leave your eyes sparkling in the morning. How about covering it with some makeup? Look at this woman’s gorgeous blue eyes!


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

9. Bold lipsticks? I’m in!

Wearing everyday makeup is one thing, but having the courage to go bold with highly saturated hues is awesome!


Source: Instagram | @joyceilicious08

10. Bow down to these brows.

You’ve certainly gotten a bit heavy-handed with your tweezers. Luckily, such magical tools as an eyebrow gel and eyebrow powder exist for us.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

11. Strawberry blonde hair plus stunning makeup!

Absolutely dazzling!


Source: EMGN

12. Beautiful before and after.

If you recall this image, that’s because it’s a meme of Ashley VanPevenage which circulated back in 2015. Unfortunately, the photo received tons of cyber bullying, which Ashley VanPevenage bravely confronted on YouTube and television.


Source: Know Your Meme

13. Hair and makeup – excellent!

It’s crazy how much hair and makeup play off of one another. Certain hairstyles tend to work especially well with certain makeup looks.



14. Shalom Blac is rocking the beauty game.

This is beauty vlogger Shalom Blac. At the age of nine, she was burned with hot oil. Today, she has a massive YouTube fanbase, which she uses to promote acceptance and to give us some great makeup hacks.


Source: YouTube | Shalom Blac

15. Wedding bells are ringing!

Actually, this may not be a wedding, but her makeup is simply amazing.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

16. You gotta love Patrick Starrr.

Patrick Starrr is a beauty vlogges who happens to love makeup! He is a great makeup artist but is not afraid to strip down to his natural skin as well.


Source: YouTube | PatrickStarrr

17. Men are also on the list!

As flawless queen Miss Fame demonstrates below, makeup transformations aren’t only for women.


Source: Makeup Vidalondon

18. Focus on one feature.

This makeup transformation follows one of the oldest rules: choose one feature and focus on it. In this case, the makeup artist has drawn attention to this woman’s eyes. Her lipstick, however, is neautral.


Source: Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

19. Back at it with the lashes.

False lashes, or even a great mascara, can do amazing things for your eyes.


Source: Bellyitch the Blog

20. Smile for the camera!

As you can see, this hair and makeup transformation completely lit up this woman’s face. Plus her smile? That sure made her look complete!


Source:Bellyitch the Blog

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