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20 Neighbors Who Make Your Life More Interesting


Have you ever dreamed about living on an unpopulated island, all by yourself? Okay, maybe just living alone in your own apartment? This illustrator has a great way to show the happiness of living by yourself, but for some people, even that is not satisfactory. Why? Because of the annoying neighbors! Yes, they’re there to help you and be your friends, but let’s be realistic for a moment. Some of them can be a real nightmare, yet, some can make your life more interesting!

Here are the best examples of neighbors that are far from ordinary made by BoredPanda.

1. When you adopt the neighborhood stray cat and then the neighbor’s cat gets her pregnant.

Waking up to this is fun! Or is it?


Source: chasingadalia

2. Carter just wanted to have a banana from his neighbors

Then he just left. Kids are hilarious!


Source: Theone211

3. Neighbors who left their sprinklers on overnight.

Now they have a Narnia backyard. Awesome!


Source: avtec

4. Male vs. female balcony

Top: 2 guys vs. two girls.


Source: Ecclessis

5. When you live in a small town, you might come home to read this note from your loving neighbors.


Source: ekoorb12

6. Fire station next to the police station…

Temptation prank


Source: EnemyInMe

7. When your neighbor is having a watermelon meeting at 3 am.


Source: PotatoWifi

8. Bad habit cat


Source: louisxxx

9. When your turbine, who was really loud goes quiet and you go check it out.

Interesting neighbors to observe.


Source: makenzie71

10. Google maps level neighbor feud


Source: therealsix

11. When you receive a complaint from a neighbor, it’s important that you resolve it int he best possible way.


Source: PoopThoughts

12. When your neighbors walk their parrots.


Source: hamdangled

13. If you are having a bad day, just look at your neighbor’s yard.

It might cheer you up!


Source: katyourmom

14. When your dedicated neighbor freezes a snowball to throw at you in mid-July.

Wait for this summer, buddy!


Source: RendeRiot

15. You put a piece of tape to fix a crack on your bin.

And then, you 92-year-old neighbor means that you are labeling your bin. Hilarious!


Source: Your_Local_Engineer

16. When you have really creepy neighbors.


Source: woundedstork

17. A thrashing panda hanging out in your neighbor’s gutter. What a sight!


Source: c-root

18. When your neighbor says that they are going to film a movie.


Source: Revircs

19. When your neighbors’ mailbox is a microwave.


Source: Ophthalnurse

20. When someone is too relaxed to understand.


Source: K011in

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