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20 Parents Tributing Their Children With Tattoos


The societal acceptance of tattoos in the western world has come a long way: from being mainly associated with sailors, gangs and bikers, to becoming a perfectly acceptable way of parental love demonstration.

The tattoos we bring you today are as personal as it can get and most of them would be incomprehensible to outsiders. But once the context is revealed, their intimate power and meaning become immediately apparent.

So check them out.

1. A child doddle turned tattoo

1. This doodle tattoo.

2. A human coloring book – you know, for kids

tattoos 2

3. A couple and their diabetic son pay tribute to their eternal link

3. Mum and dad had their diabetic son’s insulin pump tattooed on themselves, with the words “forever linked.”

4. Twin flowers for her twin girls

4. Twin flowers for her twin girls.

5. This dad remembers his deceased son with a waveform of his son’s laugh frequency

tattoos 3

6. This tattoo raised £4000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital as a thanks from a mother for her child’s treatment


7. Three peas in a pod, for her three children


8. His family’s circle of life

8. He’s inked his family’s circle of life.

9. Hearts shaped from her kid’s fingerprints


10. His daughters’ names in their own handwriting


11. His daughter’s artwork preserved

tattoos 4

12. A mother of two mentally disabled children shows her love for her kids’ uniqueness


13. Both parents sporting one face each


14. This dad show his solidarty by wearing a hearing aid as well


15. Footprint butterflies


16. Another adorable handwriting tattoo


17. Carnation – the flower of January, since both her daughters were born during this month


18. A birthmark and a tattoo celebrating it. Beautiful.


19. Jaiden’s astral sign on his father’s wrist

tattoos 2

20. Matching tattoos of their daughter’s birthmark

tattoos 1


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