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20 People Making The Most Out Of A Bad Situation In A Hilarious Way


Having a bad day? Unfortunately, bad days are a part of our lives. They can teach us a lesson though, and that lesson might happen every working day, but it’s not just humans that have them. These cats and dogs have them, too. The real question here is how you respond to them. Some people let a bad situation get them down, while others turn the bad situation into an opportunity for fun, just like these folks did! Here are some genius people who turned their worst days into hilarious events. Check them out!

1. The owner of this car

They turned damage from a car crash into a scratch from a Velociraptor. That will probably increase the value of the car!


Source: Reddit | megatronxxl

2. The Scar Wars

Doesn’t it make you wish you had a scar? In that way, you could turn them into lightsabers like this person did.


Source: Reddit | ImRichieDagger

3. Being stuck in traffic like a pro

It normally is one of the worst things that can happen on a regular day. Unless, of course, you own an ice cream truck and can capitalize on all the customers stuck around you.


Source: Reddit | Deders14

4. Loving the creativity!

The owners of this house turned a terrible situation into a Halloween decorating opportunity.


Source: Imgur | Whoshabooboo

5. If there’s a storm in your area, you could just do this.

Sitting around your house and waiting for the flooding to stop is no fun! Grab a car, some water skis, and go have the time of your life.


Source: Reddit | Ethaneus

6. Does your dog need to wear the cone of shame?

Make them feel better by turning him into one of the biggest movie stars in history! Now he’s in every Pixar film ever made.


Source: Imgur | KindaInnocent

7. Getting your partner’s name tattooed on you is always a risky move.

If they leave you, you have to get a cover up job like Lauren’s ex did. Masterpiece!


Source: Imgur | BobFlair

8. Cast Iron Man

It kind of makes you wonder how long it took to paint this beautiful work of art.


Source: Imgur | steve699

9. This business turned a terrible accident into a brilliant marketing opportunity.

You will probably want to shop at their store just because of this! Although it’s not the safest option to be honest.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

10. After this Oklahoma man lost his house to a tornado, he decided to keep a good attitude about it.

He actually put his home up for sale in a hilarious way.


Source: Reddit | Iamtdg

11. This girl’s parents turned a broken windshield into a creative photoshoot.

Or maybe she did this herself, who knows.


Source: Reddit

12. This guy’s attitude is right on track.

He turned what could have been his most embarrassing moment into the smoothest worm! Hilarious!


Source: Reddit | nativeofspace

13. Eating lunch alone?

Just bring a stuffed toy to sit across from you and keep you company. You get some extra food, too!


Source: Reddit | chkenpooka

14. Cracking your phone screen is terribly annoying.

However, it can also be pretty entertaining if you pick the right background like this person did.


Source: Imgur | terry1847035

15. If you’re bored in class, just whip out your phone and have some fun with the professor.


Source: Reddit | BrownAdventurer

16. The simplest hack for the forgetful ones.

Smart idea. Hopefully, it’s also practical.


Source: Instagram | @mindbodian_soulman

17. Single and looking to mingle

Those car windshield decals can be a great place to advertise, just like this dude did.


Source: Reddit | KillerBeeTX

18. The owner of this car was tired of being rear ended.

He decided to let his license plate speak for him instead.


Source: Reddit | PhoneDojo

19. Whenever there’s a flood, you’ll find innovative people having a good time.

Just look at this guy who made a raft out of a laundry hamper and broom.


Source: Reddit | redchindi

20. House boat?

This is a positive woman who definitely knows how to make the best out of a terrible situation.


Source: Reddit | OyVeyzMeir

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