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20 People Who Are Failing At Daily Tasks And It’s Hilarious


When you’ve had the worst day possible, nothing is more annoying than someone saying, “Look on the bright side, it could be worse!” I don’t have the rose pink glasses now, okay? I don’t know a single person who wants to hear that phrase. When we are feeling bad, we just need someone to understand and not ask silly questions. Can you just give us a big bear hug? If you don’t have that bear-hug person right next to you, you can come and enjoy these hilarious pictures of other people who are failing at daily tasks. Living also¬†means losing every once in a while, so don’t worry. This too shall pass!

There’s something therapeutic about realizing that we’re all in this together.

1. This guy, who can’t even win a fight with a sign.


Source: reddit | The_Hans | Senor Gif

2. The people who own these cars are in for a big surprise.


Source: reddit | RealPerez

3. Anyone who drops their food before even taking a bite. Happened like hundred times!


Source: reddit | iske

4. The person who did not anticipate this.



5. Anyone whose pants rip like this will cry for days.


Source: The Chive

6. The girl who had the worst kind of day imaginable.


Source: reddit | lunacity360

7. The person who got stuck in this elevator.

And reading that note…


Source: reddit | eire10

8. The person who trusted this muddy puddle.


Source: reddit | StickleyMan

9. This victim of failed archery lessons.


Source: reddit | fakes*****

10. These people who will probably never go on a roller coaster again.


Source: reddit | mrwhiskers123

10. Forgetting about your food for a little too long.


Source: reddit | KevlarYarmulke

12. Farrah Abraham’s botched lip surgery.


Source: TMZ

13. When you get a little carried away with the pepper.


Source: reddit | chrisdidit

14. This guy, whose commute didn’t go as planned.


Source: reddit | jah87

15. All those victims of the vending machine.


Source: reddit | CarbineGuy

16. The person who just wanted to deposit their cheque.


Source: reddit | HoodieHollowDickieRP

17. This Helen, who’s being chauffeured by a grumpy cat.


Source: imgur | mamaducki

18. All of Ohio’s women


Source: reddit | Lasty

19. The person whose morning just got worse.


Source: reddit | KevlarYarmulke

20. And Ana L., who is a bit stuck with this name tag for a while.


Source: reddit | bd10123

If you are still feeling bad because you failed at life, here are some imperfect photos to make you feel better.

Main Image via reddit / fakes****
Collage Image via 1. reddit / fakes**** 2. The Chive

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