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These 20 People Should Have Thought Twice Before Posting This On The Internet


Many of us are guilty of saying stupid things from time to time. Then, our friends start to laugh and spread the word. The next thing is that our colleagues find out and we are ashamed to talk to anyone about it. But when it comes to the Internet, stupid comments and posts spread with light speed. Not only do they spread so fast, but people have a very quick and harsh judgment. The truth is, many people can find themselves in this situation, believing something to be true, when it isn’t.

Even when kids do these things, they are being laughed at. However, we should all laugh together and not judge harshly, because we might just find ourselves in the same situation in the near future.


1. Something amiss in this history lesson

I think I’m more sad for your history teacher.


2. Could it be more obvious?

Did you have to do it on Twitter? I wonder what the comments said.

2. Ask an obvious question

3. Maybe it’s not how it’s supposed to be cooked.

I’m afraid that is not going to end well for the person eating the meat.

3. Someone’s going to get food poisoning

4. Do some research before traveling to Europe.

She simply didn’t know. Is she to blame?

4. I don’t want to have to explain to her

5. Upside-down tunes

Does it come with upside-down music, too?

5. Upside-down tunes

6. “4rd” fail

6. “4rd”

She may have skipped some grammar lessons in primary school. The most important ones.

7. Is it a gender bias?

7. It’s like there’s a gender bias

8. He got a harsh reply.

8. There’s so much wrong with this post

9. Anti-vax propaganda

9. Anti-vax propaganda

10. Someone call an electrician to help this person.

10. Someone call an electrician!

11. I think what she meant was “incense”, but no spellcheck…

11. I think she means “incense”

12. Such a resemblance, just amazing!

12. Uncanny resemblance

13. I don’t think so. Not at all.

13. Yeah that’s not how it works

14. Commas can save your life.

14. Commas are crucial people

15. Civil Rights expert

15. Civil Rights expert

16. This is an interesting point, though.

16. Problem solved

17. He just needed socks.


18. The brain damage salad

18. If you like brain damage…

19. You have or you are?


20. Spanish or spellcheck needed?

20. Learn to spell dude


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