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20 People Who Are Too Savage For Their Own Good


You see the word “savage” everywhere in today’s internet society. For those of you less-experienced individuals on the matter, let me fill you in.

In 2016 and 2017 internet, the word “savage” is used to describe how good someone jokes with someone else. More simply, savage is used to measure how good the roast was, but then roast is a story for a different time.

No matter, here are 20 salty people on the internet that were just a little bit savage.

1. Don’t talk about yoga pants next time.

20 People Who Are Too Savage For Their Own Good 1

2. He should pull the plug on this girl.

20 People Who Are Too Savage For Their Own Good 2

3. Mommy has good rhyme skills.

3. Mamma knows best.

4. Well, someone seems to have escaped


5. Curved back to you


6. Оh, snap


7. Best Buy customer support is the… best

7. Woke AF.

8. This is why I shop for groceries on my own


9. Damn, dad

9. No chill whatsoever.

10. Minus one fan for the Caps

10. And the Capitals just lost another fan.

11. This is called ruining her life

11. Revenge isn't pretty.

12. Genius


13.It hurts…


14. Well, I guess that works too


15. Getting your priorities right 101

15. Everyone knows that Cheetos are the best breakup snack.

16. Politicians tweeting memes – welcome to 2017


17. Pizza is always there to make you feel better

17. In case you needed a little extra seasoning for your pie.

18. Someone really doesn’t like a certain country

18. I bet it's extra salty.

19. Can’t say I blame her

19. The saltiest of stitches.

20. Next time you wanna cheat, remember this

20.. That's a big thumbs down to standardized testing

The world is not safe from savage people, they’re everywhere, lurking at every corner, when you least expect them. Remember all of this stuff next time you’re ready to tweet at Wendy’s that there wasn’t enough bacon in your Baconator. Those guys are savage too.


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