20 Of The Most Perfectly Random Pictures You Can See On The Internet Ever


We all know that life is full of wonders. All we have to do is to look around us, up and away from our phones to see the mysterious, funny, and surprising things all around us. Sadly, we cannot teleport and be in every place at once to really take note of everything.

We sometimes depend on the timing and talent of professional and amateur photographers to share the world through their lenses with us. These 20 random photos will make you smile and appreciate life even more. From the imprint of hair left on a hardwood floor to the wonder of human architecture erecting a bridge.

When you think you have found your favorite pic, you’ll quickly replace it with the next one…

1. Someone needs to talk to their mama to find out why his neck is not the same as the other animals. Maybe along the family tree line, there is a little bit of a giraffe gene.


2. EMS operators take it as a badge of honor when babies are born under their watch. Many ambulances even use stickers  for every baby born in their vehicle.


3. When you think you are having a bad day, ask yourself how long it took him to fill that tire.


4. This beautiful and delicate butterfly loves math so much, it made it part of its wings. Maybe 89 is nature’s lucky number.


5. This dragonfly thought it had made a new friend.


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