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20 Pictures Of People Who Are Beyond Unlucky


Sometimes, luck can take a wrong turn and actually forget to appear in your life. And although people sometimes feel they are out of luck, you feel like luck has never visited your home. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Some people just have bad luck, and they will probably never win the lottery or whatever. Of course, you do have luck, but there are always worse cases than you, And the following people show just that.

1. How to turn your teenager into a haunted doll.

Doesn’t it look like some sort of 19th-century horrorfest? Poor girl looks like she’ll never age, but the painting will age for her.

Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

2. Hot summer days…

This is just so tragic! Maybe you should just scrape off the bottom and eat it anyway!


Source: Instagram | @mememang

3. An indecent proposal.

You gotta feel bad for this poor guy. Just look how many people are around him!



4. The haunted house

Is it the house or the app that’s haunted? Snapchat just got super weird!


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

5. Getting wanged in the head has become an every-day thing.

I’m sure no one wants to know the whole story.


Source: Imgur | InsertWittyNameRightHere

6. Short horror story

Looks like this was some kind of special occasion pizza, but, no pizza now.


Source: Imgur | Octuu

7. Don’t eat while driving.

Please don’t give up on driving!


Source: Twitter | @TGTheTruth

8. I guess the obvious question is: how?

You shouldn’t poke your head where it doesn’t belong, sweetie.


Source: Reddit | Ransal

9. First impressions matter the most!

Unfortunately for this guy, he’ll probably have to spend the day either in a hat or only showing the right side of his profile when he meets everybody.


Source: Reddit | CptColeman

10. The instant motivation to shave your head.

Our streets are definitely not safe nowadays.


Source: Reddit | Yachtnaught

11. Definitely an awkward situation.

Unfortunately, you drank half the bottle already, so you will just wait now.


Source: Reddit | Angrymanspokane

12. No one likes litter everywhere

This situation sucks!


Source: Reddit | JBullard95

13. The worst birthday surprise.

Fully baked in there!


Source: Tumblr | fini-mun

14. Missed it by that much!

This is terrifyingly unlucky. It just hurts!


Source: Instagram | @_theblessedone

15. Who is unlucky here?

Imagine this: not only did you somehow end up trapped in a hole, but now an interviewer wants to come ’round and ask you about it. Can’t they wait until you are out?


Source: Reddit | failedinterlectual

16. That was a pretty optimistic start!

Anytime you snap something positive, you’re just tempting fate to mess with you.


Source: Reddit | Matterminator14

17. Such a fit!

How unfortunate is it to realize you have the same fashion sense as Staples?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

18. Is this your first time with a bow and arrow?

It’s probably not their first time. Look how calm the dad is!


Source: Reddit | tuttibossi

19. One thing after another.

This tactic just never works.


Source: Reddit | TheBrowning95

20. How unlucky do you have to be for this to happen?

Could you please get away? Her face says it all.


Source:College Humor.

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