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20 Priceless Wedding Moments That Are A Total Fail


There is something special about weddings. Whether you have been there or not, these events can really make you cry, even sob, to be honest. Everything looks perfect: the cake, the venue, the flowers, the rings. These things just take your breath away, until you discover that not everything is so perfect, after all. The average wedding cost in the United States is $26, 720, not including the couple’s honey moon. If you want to spend more, of course, you can. But that will not make your wedding more special. Some moments are indeed priceless. This is a list of weddings that turned hilarious with some interesting occurrences.

1. The golden M


It apparently stands for marriage now. Congratulations guys, enjoy your McNugget toast!

2. A special kind of love that surpasses time


Meant for each other. Look, their love even brought Elvis back to life!

3. Get out of there!


Can’t you wait for the wedding night? You naughty boy!

4. Travel in style


This bride and groom knows that luxury knows no name, even on their wedding day.

5. Too much exposure at your own wedding


Is it a tradition for the groom to see the bride’s boobs after they get married, or during the ceremony?

6. Bum deal!


The bride wore a lovely white dress that made her look like a princess. But all of a sudden, this happened.

7. Look happy about it


You can at least look happy about getting married! Or pretend that you’re happy at the very least!

8. Where is the groom?


I want something to match the foliage.

9. Star crossed lovers


Their love is simply out of this world!

10. Drink up!


What a weird tradition – to drink a keg of beer on your wedding day!

11. Classy bride and groom


Making their wedding nice and respectable.

12. Lawfully wedded pimp and bride


Henchmen included!

13. And now, you may eat the bride


Because nothing spells out expensive wedding like a life size cake of the bride!

14. Blood and love go together


Who said blood and weddings aren’t a good mix?

15. Apple ring


I would love to know what is going on here…

16. So sweet


They do look like a happy couple!

17. Gangster wedding


They are perfect gangsters for each other.

18. Beach wedding


Everything has to be beach mode.

19. Goth wedding


Roles reversed in terms of color looks like an interesting wedding idea.

20. Colourful bride


Their love is brighter than a star and more colourful than the rainbow!


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