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20 Reasons Why Being Married Is So Much Fun


Finding the right person is not an easy job, as it’s not a matter of searching, but following your intuition. And finally, when you end up being with that person, it’s not because they are perfect, but it’s probably because they are as weird as you. You do need someone to laugh with after all. Marriage isn’t as hard as you think, especially if you find the person you can share anything with. But sometimes, it does mean handling all the annoying and unbearable habits of your loved one. And it seems to be fun. Here is a collection of funny posts that married couples will probably relate to in all their weirdness.

1. When you make a beautiful poem for your wife out of magnets.


Source: FaisalSharif

2. Everything in its place!


Source: michaelsiemsen

3. The perfect way to make your pregnant wife feel special. Or not.


Source: cassieko

4. When you ask your wife where your eyedrops are.

And she responds: “In the bedroom on the tv stand under the lightswitch slightly trapped between the wall”.


Source: mrbojingles1972

5. When you put a little whisky in your hubby’s cup of coffee.


Source: dina_mrs_k

6. When you clean half the floor because your wife says it didn’t need cleaning.

So you want to make her see the difference. Mission accomplished.


Source: ordin22

7. Spending half an hour trying to get the cat to turn off the lights instead of you or your wife.

It’s the little things!


Source: ThunderKrunk

8. Wearing this custom shirt during your wife’s labor. Not fun for her, obviously.


Source: robin60062

9. When you constantly forget to bring your lunch to work.


Source: bsegovia

10. Don’t ever borrow your wife’s phone.

Especially if her password is your anniversary.


Source: StarskyAndHutch

11. When you ask your hubby to pack your lunch. So sweet!


Source: RemorsefulArsonist

12. Marriage is all about compromise.

For example, the husband doesn’t like dogs, but his wife does. So they get this cute one.


Source: slommyg21

13. Sending nudie pictures to each other!


Source: Jacksoffwithhotsauce

14. Sharing is caring.

When your pregnant wife sends this you at 2:12 am, you know you’ve been snoring again.


Source: batgaz

15. When your wife is taking a selfie of both of you in the middle of a heated argument.


Source: hmmunoz

16. Marrieage milestone.


Source: XplodingUnicorn

17. When the husband decorates the guest bathroom.


Source: ChefCthulhu

18. When they treat you like this at your wife’s family reunion. Fourth one.


Source: switchfootball

19. When you look at old pictures of yourself. And your wife brings this to the table.


Source: phelyan

20. Married for 62 years, but he still pulls out his road atlas to prove his wife wrong.


Source: Upstream15

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