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20 Self-Made Teenage Millionaires


Some kids are born into rich families. They are daughters and sons of celebrities, Hollywood actors or tycoons. But there are teenagers who became rich, just because they had an awesome idea.

Fraser Doherty has more money that most of us could only dream of. He made around $1.2 million dollars by selling his Grandmother’s jam recipes at farmer’s markets and delis. Now he is 27 years old and his brand The SuperJam has gained status from the National Museum of Scotland as an “Iconic Scottish Brand.”

Or look at Ashley Quall, a 26 year old from Detroit, at 14 she began teaching herself HTML and launched a site called WhateverLife.com. Her traffic grew from word-of-mouth advertising and now she earns millions of dollars. Her website WhateverLife.com has about 7 million users.

Check out the video by Wacky Wednesday below and see who are the richest self-made teenage millionaires.

Source:Wacky Wednesday

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