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20 Soothing Pictures For A Perfect Start Of The Weekend


When your working week is finally over, you just want to go home and relax before the weekend starts. And weekends sometimes mean just sitting in your comfy armchair, eating popcorn and scrolling up and down the Internet pages. Until you find something that completely blows your mind. Has it ever happened to you that you find a page that it’s like your other self? Or looking at a picture and getting a brilliant idea that not only gets you all excited about life, but it actually makes you want to start that project you’ve been thinking about for years. These are the pictures that give you that feeling. Feelings of excitement, pleasure, and motivation to do more and more every day. At least, for a couple of moments when you look at them. Enjoy these 20 pictures that will lift your spirit in a second!

Enjoy these 20 pictures that will lift your spirit in a second!

1. The way this peak comes through the clouds.


Source: Reddit | The_Canadian_Pepe

2. This man posted a before and after shot of his physical progress after ditching alcohol.

“One year of no alcohol has changed my life. I lost 53 pounds and I’m 1000 times happier. I tried to recreate my bloated pic,” wrote Klamsykrawl on Reddit.

Source: Reddit | Klamsykrawl

3. This kitty coming up for a quick boop.

Source: Reddit | goat_who_takes_pics

4.How these two brothers recreated this old photo from their childhood.


Source: Reddit | tyrol13

5. These beautiful cherry blossoms over the Meguro River in Tokyo.


Source: Reddit | joshuggs

6. “Every time I mow the lawn….” wrote joey_r00 on Reddit.


Source: Reddit | joey_r00

7. This one-day-old kitten that looks adorable.


Source: Reddit | RespectMyAuthoriteh

8. This wood has been dyed and totally looks like a brick of lava.


Source: Reddit | PleaszComeBack

9. Are you as happy as this cutie running through a garden of tulips?


Source: Reddit | goat_who_takes_pics

10. This sandcastle that is so perfect it makes me want to cry.


Source: Reddit | umer70

11. This cute leaf that looks like a dolphin.


Source: Reddit | Stenetel

12. This amazing shot that is absolutely perfect.


Source: Reddit | triplemayo

13. Having fun with your kid in a special way.

“My son’s knee looks like a worried teenage mutant ninja turtle,” wrote danowar5000.


Source: Reddit | danowar5000

14. This amazing shot using some trickery.


Source: Reddit | Cazaybach0_o

15. “Home Depot’s cutest employee,” wrote pregglt of this adorable picture.


Source: Reddit | pregglt

16. This water is so clear in Sweden that Reddit user Suborb had to check for evidence that there was even water.

Source: Reddit | Suborb

17. Easter photo from Jim Carrey.


Source: Reddit | jedwards999

18. This incredible piece of art found under a Denver overpass.


Source: Reddit | iam4real

19. This person finally figured out what this compartment in his car is used for.

Oddly satisfying.


Source: Reddit | DrWilliamHorriblePhD

20. A drone capturing a calf and mother humpback whale.


Source: Reddit | myeyesfellout

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