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20 Struggles Everyone Who Wears Glasses Will Relate To


Glasses are chic, stylish and make you look so attractive and intelligent at the same time.  Yeah, all of that is on point, but what about having to struggle with them during your everyday life? Sure, they help you see the beauty of the world clearly instead of blurred. They turn blurred objects into people, which is pretty amazing, for example, amirite? Also, the bird you thought fell from the tree was just an autumn leaf, according to you with glasses.


But glasses leave marks on your face, ruin your mascara if you’re lucky to have long lashes, and they demand constant cleaning.


Glasses giveth, glasses taketh.


Here is a list by auntyacid, about problems people who wear eyeglasses endure on a daily basis.

1. The constant cleaning

Are your glasses ever really clean? Only when you try the new pair in the store. After that you will be seeing dots and dust on them constantly. And even if you try to clean them often, they get messy right away. So, is it even worth it going through the trouble of cleaning?


2. Glasses leave marks on your skin

An extra feature that comes with your glasses is the ability to leave a mark on your nose. The solution? Never take them off, especially in front of people.

3. When you do decide to take them off

You would think that glasses will protect you from foreign objects getting into your eyes. Wrong, they will only make it even more difficult. You are allowed to remove them now.

4. Glasses might ruin your make-up

You did your makeup perfectly, now just apply a layer of mascara and you are ready for a night out. Oh, don’t forget your glasses. Only, did you put them on too soon while the mascara is still fresh?
Text your friends to tell them you’ll be late again.

5. Blind as a bat


You literally can’t see anything without them.

On the bright sight everyone is better looking when you don’t wear them.

6. Lost and found

How many times have you asked everyone around you “Where are my glasses” or “Have you seen my glasses, cause I haven’t”.  You got to admit its ironic and at the same time funny.

7. It’s hard to be cool in the summer


Blinded by the sun or being blind without your glasses!? You have to decide what you can handle better.

8. Working out with glasses


This will never work, don’t even bother to try. They will fly away and hit the guy lifting weights across the room.

9. Steam is glasses’ sworn enemy


Taking something out of the oven and the heat ends up steaming your glasses. Watch that hot pan, though!

10. A warm cup of tea


Having a cup of hot tea or coffee in the cold, cold winter. Lovely. Ah, fog. I’ll just wait ’till the tea cools down a bit.

11. Glasses are very, very expensive


You almost forgot that the ability to see properly can cost you a lot. Let alone buying a second pair of glasses just to have the extra sassy pair.

12. Glasses love to slide off your face


Whenever you have your hands full or you are working and leaning down, your glasses start to slowly make a run for it. So annoying.

13. Broken glasses


You feel like you have a kid or a pet all the time, and you have to take care of them 24/7.

But then you get distracted, they break and so does your heart.

14. Ah, the rain


The rainy weather is just the worst climate scenario for you and your glasses. Are you going to enjoy your time out or you have to constantly clean your glasses? We feel you.

15. Sore ears


Not only your nose but your ears suffer from your glasses too. That area behind your ear feels so numb from time to time. Maybe get a super light pair?

16. Covered up


You finally managed to apply the makeup the same way your favorite vlogger does. You look stunning taking all the selfies you possibly have time to take. But the time comes and you put your glasses on and voila, not the same at all. Damn it.

17. Glasses leave makeup marks


And then you take them off and those annoying makeup marks ruin everything for you. Do you need to take your whole make up kit with you, just to fix your makeup every hour.

18. People trying your glasses on


– Omg, your new glasses are gorgeous. Can I please try them on?
– Yeah, sure.
– Omg, you are so blind.
– Really? I didn’t know that, thank you.

19. Excruciating headache


And those same people adding, ‘oh, just trying them on gave me a headache’.

Well, you should feel mine when I’m not wearing them.

20. Lying down

Forget about getting comfortable while watching Netflix with your glasses on.

This one is mission impossible.

Source: auntyacid

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