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20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Barbie Doll

Barbie doll
Editorial Credit: Leah-Anne Thompson / Shutterstock.com

It’s an iconic doll and one of the best-selling toys ever created. Since Barbie first appeared in 1959 every second three of these Mattel dolls are sold somewhere in the world. In the first year of its production, 351,000 Barbies were sold.

The popularity is constantly growing, as well as the price. Back in the ’50s parents were paying $3 for a doll. Now, the price is around $20. Some Barbie dolls are even $5,000. The famous designer Stefano Canturi even made a Barbie with a diamond necklace and a ring. This unique doll was sold at an auction for $302,000.

We have seen Barbie dressed in many different outfits with different careers. No matter if a young girl is dreaming of being an astronaut or a doctor she can find a Barbie to suit. Did you know that the most popular doll went to space camp twice, in partnership with Mattel and the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama?

Oh, let’s not forget that she has run as a Presidential Candidate six times since 1992. There are many interesting facts about the doll. Therefore if you want to know how many pets she has, check The Talko video below. You will see what her real name is and where the very first Barbie cafe is located, and if you see how many shoes she has designed just for herself you will be stunned. Not to mention how astonishing is the fact that if you place all the dolls sold since 1959, they would circle the earth seven times. Surprise yourself and enjoy!


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