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20 Times Parents Were Cooler Than Kids


Parenting was never an easy task, although some modern parents think it’s never been this hard. If you are a parent, you are probably multitasking and procrastinating at the same time, 24 hours a day. All for the sake of your own sanity and your kids’ happiness. And then, one day, your daughter comes in and says to you: Why are you so boring? Other people’s moms are so cool! And it hurts you so much, but then you go and take that old photo album of yours and boom! She starts looking at all the crazy stuff you and your dad did in your adolescence, and she starts asking a hundred questions a minute. Parents used to be cool, or maybe even cooler than their kids!

Here is a collection by BoredPanda of vintage photos that prove parents had so much fun in the past.


1. Mom used to skateboard barefoot in California, 1974

My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California In 1974

Source: jsparks117

2. Here is a man telling off a Klan member in Auburn AL, 1985

A Friend Of My Father's, Telling Off A Klan Member. Auburn AL, 1985

Source: ohdaviing

3. A dad sculpting a bust of his then-girlfriend in 1980s

My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mom 1980s

Source: JankyTango

4. A mother who used to be a tank instructor in 1984

My Mother When She Was A Tank Instructor In 1984

Source: danabre

5. A mom posing at 16 years old with her Camaro In 1975

#5 My Mom At 16 Yrs Old With Her Camaro In 1975

Source: MorganGanem

6. The 80s were way cooler than nowadays

#6 My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I'll Ever Be (1980)

Source: TheMasterOfDonuts

7. Late 1960’s, barefoot on a motorcycle

 Late 1960's, My Dad

Source: cherrycherries

8. Surfer Magazine, Peru, 1977

This dad used to be a sexy surfer!

#8 My Dad, Taken For Surfer Magazine. Peru, 1977

Source: fyrebrahnd

9. Dad who used to skateboard at Hyde School, in 1982

So cool!

My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me

Source: targat2

10. Cooking a barbecue on top of a moving submarine

Probably the coolest one in the collection!

I Found A Photo Of My Dad Cooking A Barbecue On Top Of A Moving Submarine

Source: shanbuscus

11. Moscow, 1975

This woman’s travels almost make her a spy.

My Mom In Moscow 1975. From All The Stories She's Told Me About Her Travels, I Wouldn't Be Surprised If She Was A Spy

Source: smashingmellons

12. First car, a 1939 Ford

He bought it with his own money that he earned farming. This nowadays dad was only 11 when he bought it, and the photo was taken in 1948.

My Dad's First Car, A 1939 Ford. He Bought It With His Own Money That He Earned Farming (And Drove It Daily). He Was 11 When He Bought It, So This Photo Was Taken In 1948

Source: godllub

13. Pretty cool moves, 1977

#13 My Dad Wasn't Famous, But His Moves Were Pretty Cool (1977)

Source: -lilsebastian

14. Man in Saudi Arabia, 70’s, working as a US Military contractor diving in the red sea

My Dad In Saudi Arabia In The 70's Working As A US Military Contractor Diving In The Red Sea

Source: urs1ne

15. Skiing in underwear in the 70s

My Dad In The 70's Doing What He Loves. Father To 4 Boys. More Man Than Myth Or Legend

Source: Reallybadat

16. Selfies before they used to be cool, 1989

My Moms Selfie Before It Was Cool (1989)

Source: cmajorlips

17. Cool teacher of math in Southern California, late 70’s/early 80’s

My Dad Teaching Math In Southern California (Late 70's/Early 80's)

Source: iCollectSausage

18. A different kind of a wedding day, 1980

My Mom And Dad On Their Wedding Day - 1980

Source: ohfuckdood

19. Living in Alaska with a husky puppy

My Mom When She Lived In Alaska With Her Husky Puppy, Okie

Source: tonyjefferson

20. 48 Beers and a unicycle, early 80s

 48 Beers And A Unicycle. My Dad In The Early 80s

Source: skeleton-spotted

Here are some cool kids who are so bored at weddings and they can’t hide it.

From: boredpanda

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