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20 Times Relationships Were Beyond Entertaining


Being in a serious relationship does not mean that you are serious all the time. As a matter of fact, humor and laughter are crucial for a relationship to keep going. Just remember that whenever things get serious, break that with some laughter and humor, wherever possible. Here are 20 pictures that prove being in any kind of relationship involves hilarious moments and is beyond entertaining, brought to us by Tapoos

1. Where to find your boyfriend when the flight gets delayed


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This is simply adorable! It happens too often that your boyfriend is in the kid’s room watching cartoons, of course. Now you know the first place to search is the kid’s room!

2. Where you should really hide your candy…


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Women crave for sweets more than men, especially during their period. If you decide not to eat them on your way back from the store, make sure to keep them in a place where your partner will never search in. Like tampons boxes.

3. At least he showered


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Men are very careless and lazy sometimes. Leaving the glass of beer in the shower is one of the things they do on a regular basis. Well, you can’t really complain. At least he showered!

4. Every girl faces this


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No matter what you own, you still want more and you have ‘nothing’ to wear. It’s just a mutual feeling every woman goes through. A wardrobe full of clothes, yet, a woman crying is a boyfriend’s reason for concern.

5. So romantic


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When your husband/boyfriend does such things, you may start feeling like a real queen. This girlfriend must feel so special! Love is in the small things. Just put on Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye and graciously climb your way into the tent of love.

6. True love


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Whenever you want to make jokes or piss off your partner, just change their name in the contact list. It’s so much fun! Until they get mad, of course.

7. I need this dress


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Sexy dress with shirtless male figures. You gotta love it! It’s what every geeky girlfriend needs!

8. The right way to do it


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A father’s laziness can go many ways, and it’s simply hilarious! The baby looks entertained by that blanket, though. It doesn’t mean that babies always need toys. They also need to be left alone for some time, and fathers know this too well. (I mean, they actually don’t, but fathers believe they do).

9. Correct place to secure your things


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Here is another hint on where to hide your candies, ladies! Find a drawer that no one ever opens!

10. Genius doormat


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This doormat is probably every husband’s dream mat. It’s kinda weird, but totally fun to look at.

11. So relatable

entertaining 2

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This picture is relatable to those who are afraid of heights. Trying to be confident, but losing it halfway. By looking at her face, we can see how scared the woman really is.

12. Spider-husband

entertaining 1

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Maybe you should give the office work break and become Spider-Man instead! This husband did just that. I wonder what the wife thinks about it, though.

13. Would you have the same reaction?

entertaining 3

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This woman is definitely every one of us when we miss the ice cream truck for some reason. And that’s why you have your hilarious partner to take these shots of you!

14. When the dryer is broken

entertaining 4

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Well, women know how to handle a difficult situation!

15. When sleep is life

entertaining 5

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When the bedroom is way too sunny, you gotta save your eyes. And bras come handy here. That the guy in this picture looks hilarious with a bra, though.

16. Look for yourself

entertaining 6

Source: Pikabu

Girls will never accept that they’re the reason for the hair on the bathroom tiles. Actually, the whole house floor has their hair, too. They just don’t seem to accept this truth. And when they’re cleaning the carpets with a vacuum cleaner and it automatically stops working, they innocently ask why. Well, that’s why.

17. He still tried

entertaining 7

Source: Twitter

Don’t have a picture of your girlfriend? No poblem! You can still draw her perfectly. Easy-peasy. Your girlfriend might have a laugh and there are chances that she finds this gesture romantic.

18. Couple goals


Source: Reddit

If you’d look the same, maybe you wouldn’t fight that much.

19. Think about the consequences before fighting.


Source: Tapoos

This is what you have to Google for when you don’t think about the consequences of arguing with your girlfriend. And Google comes handy here, too. Girls always win, directly or indirectly.

20. How it should be


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Girls get jealous so easily that they’ll make you feel guilty even if it’s not your fault. Maybe she just forgot she owns this? You don’t want to mess with a woman who’s jealous.

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