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20 Tips For Perfectly Groomed Nails And Manicures


Nails are a specialized form of skin. They provide 10 (or 20) little places that you can decorate. But more than that, they protect your sensitive fingers and toes, and they help you pick up small things, scratch itches, and hold on to or manipulate objects. You can also abuse them by biting, peeling, and picking at them.

Your nails provide important clues to your overall health. Broken, discolored, or misshapen nails can indicate nutritional deficiencies, infections, or skin conditions. Good nail care keeps your hands and feet looking nice and is part of a general program of good health habits.

Basic tips to care for your nails include:

1. If you have an old nail polish on your nail, remove it as quickly as you can! Also, try using a non-acetone remover to limit the damage to your nails.



2. Attack of the glitter – Removing those stubborn, but gorgeous, sparkles can be hard work. So next time, try removing them by placing cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover over your nails, then wrap them in tinfoil for five minutes.



3. Soakable stains – Whiten your nails by soaking them in a mixture of hot water, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. You won’t believe the results!



4. Where are my clippers? – Make sure you have a pair of nail clippers to hand when cutting down your nails. It’s a lot better in the long run.



5. It’s very important to find the right nail file for you. Buy a softer nail file.



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