20 Wedding Dresses And Wedding Cakes That Will Have You Saying ‘I Don’t’


Every bride is dreaming a fairytale-like wedding. It’s one the most important day of our lives. All the young couples are planning the wedding celebration months in advance. Everything has to be perfect because all of the family members and friends will be there to witness your marriage.

We plan every single detail the venue, the dress, even what the wedding cake will look like. There are even couples who are coming up with creative unique solutions to have an unforgettable wedding.

But have you ever seen a wedding that’s managed to make you shudder? Have you ever seen a bride wear an ugly wedding dress or have you seen the worst wedding cake? If you haven’t how you have a chance.

Here are 20 horrible wedding dresses and cakes that will have you saying ‘I don’t’.

1. Wedding Dress Diaster


When the bride dreams of looking like a cotton puff.

2. Here Comes The Bride


A birthday gown for a wedding?

3. 80s Meet Carrie Bradshaw


Although this dress looks like it’s rented  straight out of Sex and The City’s wardrobe department it’s actually  Chanel Spring-Summer 2015.

4. Orange


Far too much orange, I don’t know who looks worse!

5. Hula Hoop Dress


Is she having a hula hoop stuck around her waist?


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