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20 Worst Happy Meal Toys


Feels like McDonald’s has been around forever and who didn’t love a Happy Meal as kid? The element of surprise when you got the toy AND the tasty fast food was such a satisfying feeling. And while there were a number of excellent toys, especially Disney themed, there were many times when the Happy Meal could also be called the Sad Meal.

I mean, who wants that creepy, plastic Ronald McDonald mask, also made of nightmare material. Imagine having it lying around the house and one of your kids wakes up and decided to play with it. In the middle of the night. Poltergeist much? And how about the MC Hammer toothpaste? Seriously?

So here they are, the worst toys McDonald’s ever put in the Happy Meal, and twenty of them, in case you needed a trip down McDonald’s memory lane.

What’s the absolute saddest toy you ever got in a Happy meal?

Source:Wacky Wednesday

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