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2008 Was The Best Year For Pop Culture, Here Are 14 Reasons Why

2008 Was The Best Year For Pop Culture, Here Are 14 Reasons Why 1

2017 has been an… interesting and controversial year for fashion trends. From unicorns and meshes to clothes that look like a moth ate them and shoes that look like they’re covered in the same stuff that was used for my dust cleaner, fashion has been all over the place this year. But turn back the clock 9 years ago and things used to be different. Remember back in those days when everyone in school hallways would look on with envy when that rich kid got a brand new Motorola Razr? Portable MP3 players were everywhere, and it was also the time when Taylor Swift hadn’t made the transition to pop music.

So, let’s take a look back and find out why the year 2008 was the one where fashion and pop culture was at its peak, in this gallery brought to us by Diply.

1. Unnecessary vests

A vest was a statement back in those days, it showed that you were confident enough to stick layers upon layers of clothing and still look good.

2008 Was The Best Year For Pop Culture, Here Are 14 Reasons Why 1

2. The best of both worlds

Back in this era, we got one of the greatest fantasy concerts of the time: Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus performing on stage. At the same time. And of course, who can forget The Jonas Brothers as the opening act?


3. Club Penguin was the tits back then!

It’s a shame this online game died. I remember all of those YouTube tutorials on how to set up a free account on this game set to that generic trance track. And of course there was that one guy that deliberately cussed and then got banned.


4. High School Musical marked the end of an era

One of the greatest TV shows of all time.


5. A ton of drama

Miley and her backup singer Mandy spoofed Demi Selena’s video, which actually spawned beef between the artists that is still going on to this day. 10 year grudge.


6. Everyone’s favorite on-screen couple was reunited

The Sam Mendes directed Revolutionary Road saw Leo and Kate as a couple once again on the big screen, 11 years since their last appearance. That’s just the way it should be.


7. These ridiculous shades

Because, you know, you had to sacrifice actually being able to see something in favor of looking “cool”. Try putting on a pair of these nowadays and let me know if you get mugged.


8. And as if High School Musical wasn’t enough…

…we also had Camp Rock, starring all the Jonas Brothers when they all had long hair and they were the biggest boy band heartthrobs of the 2000s.


9. A cell phone from this era is complete bare bones

At least compared to today’s phones. We didn’t have touch screens, million megapixel cameras and Spotify back then. Cell phones were only meant for taking calls and sending text messages. Remember when they had actual physical keys? More to the point, remember when there was a separate device meant for each feature on today’s phones? A separate camera, separate music player and separate portable GPS, among others.


10. Sex and The City was resurrected

While the Michael Patrick King directed flick wasn’t exactly a fan favorite with the critics, it was interesting to see the girls come back and go through all the fashion trends of the year. And if you want to get even more 2008, Fergie performed this movie’s theme song.


11. Britney Spears resurfaced

The preceding year of 2007 wasn’t the best one for Britney Spears. She shaved her head and went a bit insane, and also spawned the internet meme that is Leave Britney Alone.

But in 2008, her album Circus is what brought her back, with memorable tracks such as Womanizer and If You Seek Amy.



12. WALL-E was released

One of the most adorable animated movies made by Pixar Studios, WALL-E starred the titular robot character accidentally embarking on a space adventure that ultimately decided the fate of mankind. While not as notable as some of Pixar’s other efforts such as The Incredibles, it still has a cult fanbase and was an excellent movie.



13. Everyone was fascinated by Michael Phelps’ diet

He claimed back then that to achieve the gold medal, he ate 12,000 calories in a day. I don’t know how he didn’t explode from eating so much, but I’m more astounded by how unhealthy it all is.


14. The Pussycat Dolls were relevant



Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t cry to “I Hate This Part,” or felt inspired by “When I Grow Up.” 2008 gave us banger after banger from Nicole Scherzinger + co.

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