21 Bizarre People You Can Only Come Across In Walmart

21 Bizarre People You Can Only Come Across In Walmart


In the past, people went to church during the weekends, but nowadays that’s the supermarket. That being said, it’s time for our weekly trip to Walmart! Let’s shuffle down the aisles together and take a look at some of the creatures you can find hidden amongst the rows of groceries.

And don’t forget to snap some pics, because seeing is believing! And a LOT of this stuff is “can’t trust my eyes” level of unbelievable, thanks to AuntieAcid. Okay, ready? Down the rabbit hole we go, Alice…

1. There must be a person there, somewhere!


The shoes are the only indication we have.

2. This thing loves Christmas so much that it’s actually a present


Does anybody know Santa’s gift return policy? I want to return this one.

3. In Walmart, Cyclops got your back


You’d think twice about doing something behind this guy’s back! Don’t stare, it stares back!

4. When you’re just too chill to dress up.


The only other place I’ve seen lingerie worn outside is the red carpet. But hey, Walmart, red carpets… tomayto, tomato.

5. Just getting changed!


Right on, person, I applaud your attitude! Talk about body positivity for everybody and their mothers to see!

6. Big Bird?


Sesame Street will have to be canceled because apparently someone murdered Big Bird and is wearing him as a wig.

7. A wrestling fan? A serial murderer?


The lines are getting blurred.

8. This is gross, but also genius. In a gross kind of way.


Ahhh… Skin colored pants. Such a huge pranking potential!

9. But wait, there’s more!


I have to wonder why, though? WHY?!

10. Wonder Woman is coming for you!


The BEST Wonder Woman.

11. Just one of those days when you leave the house without any pants on


See that kid right beside that lady? Yeah, that kid is me now.

12. Talk about fashion sense…


… Which is something most teachers lack a concept of. So, my guess – this lady is a teacher. Kiddie t-shirt? Check. Buying glittery stuff at Walmart? Check. Caterpillar toy attached to leg because it’s a convenient super-weapon when it comes to distracting unruly children? Check. Deffo a teacher!

13. When she was little, she wanted to be an Oscar statuette


And her dream came true. <3

14. Tied shirt, denim shorts… Daisy Duke?


Those headphones though. Or whatever those are. I want those!

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Human


I wonder if he’s here to pick up some pizza for Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael?

16. That sense of humor


Leave donkey alone!

17. Impressive


Takes a lot of balls to grow a huge rat tail and be the target of everyone’s ridicule. So, you go girl! Guy! Rat?

18. One of those days again… People just love undressing in Walmart.


It has to be some kind of trend I’m not clued in. Do you get a discount if you forget to dress? I mean what’s going on?

19. When you hit a new level of desperation


We’ve all been there, Sir. We all do. But we don’t just telegraph it to everyone, everywhere, 24/7! And imagine the risks you’re putting yourself to! Would you REALLY love a blowjob by just about ANYONE? Imagine the possibilities. Like, your aunt. Or your clone. Or anyone listed in this article. Yeah… time to change that t-shirt, Sir.

20. When you’re having an identity crisis. In Walmart.


Like if a goth and a rainbow made a kid. She’s colorful but also unhappy about it.

21. The latest fashion trend?


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at Walmart? Definitely not this. But do share!

Source: auntyacid

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