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21 Incredible Ways You Can Read People’s Body language


You’ve probably heard how psychologists can reveal people’s emotions by reading their body reactions. Although this may seem unusual or painfully familiar to you, we will convince you it is worth looking at. How many times have you wondered what your friends think about your conversation? Or what your employer is going to say – is he trying to deceive you or manipulate you in any way? You cannot know for certain, but you will most likely guess their emotions and feelings about these situations. One author perfectly depicts these in interesting posters.

Aldis Kalnins created these posters full of tips on how to read people just by looking at their body language. Here are 21 of his wonderful creations:

1. Now you will finally know what your friends are thinking about your story. Is it interesting or plain boring?



2. This is how the stubborn and rebel person would sit anywhere.

If you are a teacher, you might recognize the kid who used to sit in this fashion. They are also notorious for being disrespectful.


3. Sitting can also tell if a person is dominating or careless.

This one helps when you are trying to start off a conversation with your crush at the bar. Is he the one on the left or the one on the right?


4. Next, find out who is truly honest with you or who is lying!


5. The position of the eyes can let you know what a person if thinking about.


6. Closed people can live in their own world – and sit in this way as well.


7. Body posture can also tell when you are feeling cautious or cold.


8. Where you look at someone’s face is also important.


9. If you put your hand in this position, you are probably feeling insecure.


10. When your neighbor has a chat, you see their closed or welcoming attitude.


11. How many times have you felt unpleasant? You’ve probably clenched and lifted your hands in this way.


12. Your anger can correspond with the spot where you hold your arm.


13. Feet can obviously tell you a lot about social interactions during conversation


14. Thumbs out may mean that the person thinks they are better than you.


15. Chair position can tell about your feelings in a situation and also about yourself in general


16. This is one way of calming yourself down.


17. Also, when you do this, you probably need help.


18. The way a woman sits reveals her personality


19. When you do this, you are probably thinking, evaluating, or just being bored.


20. The next gesture comes from either a deceitful person or someone who is truly fed-up with something.


21. This hug is not so sincere after all.





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