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21 Women Who Regret Shopping Online


The internet is an amazing place for shopping. Especially for those who don’t have the time to actually go to the store and choose stuff. Mothers have said it’s the best thing ever, but sometimes, it’s not what it seems. In life, you sometimes don’t get what you asked for, but internet shopping can take this to a whole other level. Shopping from the comfort of your own home has made you return dozens of items, and yet again, you still do it regularly. These women were shocked to receive these dressed they ordered online, so be careful the next time you say yes to an online item.




Here comes another day in front of the computer.


You sit down and accidentally typed Forever 21 online shopping. And the story begins all over again.


Take a look at these hilarious online shopping fails and don’t say you were not warned!

1. Don’t you think that a garbage bag looks nicer than this “dress”?

A Garbage Bag Looks Nicer Than This

Maybe some ironing will lessen the disastrous look.

2. Don’t you ever think of buying your prom dress online!

Don’t Buy Your Prom Dress Online

Why would you take such a risk? It’s a good idea not to buy it online!

3. Mismatched dress

Mismatched Dress

The dress on the left is beautiful, the dress on the right is a real nightmare!

4. Halloween costume

Halloween Costume

Expectation vs. reality!

5. That’s not what you wanted, right?

That’s Not What I Ordered

Of course not!

6. See-through dress

See Through Dress

Unfortunately, this dress is probably unsuitable for any occasion.

7. It would look better in the trash can

The worst latex stockings I’ve seen.

Latex Stocking

8. Sheer dress

Sheer Dress

The model is also not comfortable wearing it as well!

9. Say ‘no’ to the dress!

I Said No To The Dress

The dress that arrived is indeed terrible.

10. Too short shorts

Too Short Shorts

Just another reason why you should never shop online!

11. Little black dress

Little Black Mess Of A Dress

A little mess dress, to say the least.

12. Nightmare prom dress

Nightmare Prom Dress

Can we burn it, please?

13. Wedding dress from hell directly

Wedding Dress From Hell

Hopefully, she learnt her lesson. I would never think of buying a wedding dress online.

14. Online fake

Online Fake

Doesn’t it look like a bunch of amateurs learning how to sew made the dress on the right?

15. “Fairy-tale” dress

Fairy-tale Dress, Horrifying Reality

A dress made out of used tissues would look way better.

16. So unexpected

How Unexpected

Th dress bottom is completely see-through.

17. Totally fake

Totally Fake

Are you for real? This dress is totally different than the one in the picture!

18. A red nightmare

A Nightmare In Red

The lace netting looks like it was made from curtain fabric.

19. All wrong

All Wrong

This is just sad.

20. What a disaster!

What A Fake

21. Too small

Too Small

Maybe it shrunk in the mail!

Source: auntyacid

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