These 22 Photos May Seem Fake, But Take A Second Look At Them. #12 Is Totally Unbelievable, WOW!


A Picture is worth 1000 words, no argument there, but these pictures may say even more as they can cause a debate about what actually is going on!

The following pictures are all real, not photo-shopped, enhanced or modified in anyway, what you see is what you get, though you may not actually believe it. From the bizarre to the beautiful have a look and then look again and most importantly…believe!

1. That my friend is a sand storm in Australia

1. This giant mug of beer in the distance is actually a sand storm in Australia.


2. These trees in Schonbrunn Park, Austria are fully loaded…



3. Fishing on Chaohu Lake, China, rowing like brush strokes in algae

3. Fishermen row a boat in Chaohu Lake, China, surrounded by algae as if in a painting


4. A sinkhole in Guatemala City, 2010. 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep. Not a 3D painting!

4. Apocalyptic as it may look, this sinkhole appeared in Guatemala City in 2010. It is 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.


5. Way to stand out santa!

5. This is not a black and white cartoon, it is an actual black and white Santa costume.


6. The grass sphere outside Paris City Hall is actually flat as a pancake

6. The grass sphere outside Paris City Hall is actually flat.


7. This boat is sitting on very clear water, not floating above it

7. This boat may look like flying, but it is just its reflection in very clear water.


8. You cannot confuse directions in this car park in Australia

8. A car park in Australia has indicators made of letters which jump out of the surroundings.


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