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22 Pictures Of Funny People Shopping At Walmart


Particularly for Black Friday Walmart is becoming a very interesting place to shop. But every day is exciting there as well. Strange, weird and unusual are popular terminology for what you can find in the aisles. People say there is no average day at Walmart. From nude-colored pants to teenagers having a tantrum in the middle of the shopping aisle. It’s always busy in the world’s largest supermarkets.

There is even a website called People of Walmart where shoppers post photos of strange things they have seen there. And if you take a look these photos will defiinitely have you rolling with laughter.

Below you can see 22 of the funniest photos of people shopping at Walmart.

1. Play time


Maybe adjusting your underwear can be done in some other department. This is the children’s toy aisle.

2. Table talk


3. Walmart World Wrestling Championship


4. I tawt I taw a Tweetiepie


Probably will buy some more clothes in Walmart.

5. Homeless and political


6. Just no


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