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22 Strange Pieces Of ’90s Makeup We Were Obsessed With


Can you feel all the 90s nostalgia around you or is it just me who’s obsessed with the good old times? If anyone can think of what the 90s would smell like, that would certainly be cotton candy, am I right? For many people, the 90s were that transition period of having a tv and becoming obsessed with technology of the future. Sadly, those times are long gone. Children playing social games, watching all kinds of awesome shows, and, the inevitable, glamorous makeup! We might not think of the 90s makeup as glamorous nowadays, but it used to be so cool back then! Now grab some tissues and remind yourself of the makeup products you were once obsessed with.


1. Remember body glitter?

It came in tubes, in pots, and, of course, with star-shaped glitter. All that glitter is now forgotten!

Remember body glitter?

Source: Cosmetics Fairy

2. Flavored roll-on lip gloss that was so universal.

Did you secretly steal this from your big sister? I know I did it so often! It felt so good on your lips. And, most importantly, this stuff got all over my hands, my hair, and my clothes.

Flavored roll-on lip gloss that literally got on everything.

Source: Rakuten

3. Excessive amounts of blue eyeshadow.

Indigo blue eyeshadow all the way up to the brow bone was a huge trend, if you remember it. Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show was definitely a trendsetter for this look.

Excessive amounts of blue eyeshadow.

Source: The Gloss

It doesn’t look great nowadays, though.


Source: Giphy

4. Did you also have a Caboodle?

If you never had one, you probably imagined all the things you would do with it.

 We all knew someone with a Caboodle.

Source: Ma Nouvelle Mode

5. Metallic frosted eyeshadow.

Transition shades didn’t exist back then, and all we had was metallic shine!

Metallic frosted eyeshadow.

Source: Total Beauty

With some mascara and some eyeliner, it’s not all bad actually.


6. Kids’ makeup compacts.

Maybe you received these as a birthday present when you were a kid. I never understood the purpose, though.

Kids' makeup compacts.

Source: Instagram | @thriftlifedolly

7. These Sour Lip Smackers that made our lips more chapped.

Another product that used to bother me was this one. It was also my parents’ nightmare.

These Sour Lip Smackers that made our lips more chapped.

Source: Amazon

8. Sticker earrings/body jewels.

Wow! These were used for everything! You also didn’t have to worry about these falling off every three minutes, because you had so many!

Sticker earrings/body jewels.

Source: Tumblr | thepurpleeyedone

9. Do you remember these teddies?

These pastel colors are also part of the perfect ’90s color scheme, but they were probably just collecting dust most of the time at your place.

 Who remembers these teddies?

Source: Maria’s Nail Art and Polish Blog

10. Hawaiian Ginger body mist as the scent of The New Millennium.

Feeling nostalgic, anyone?

Hawaiian Ginger body mist is the scent of The New Millennium.

Source: Meg’s Makeup

11. Cotton candy perfume.

No, it was not a joke! This one smelled so sweet that it attracted fruit flies! Not everyone’s cup of tea…

Cotton candy perfume.

Source: Tumblr | midnightcities

12. Tiny *NSYNC lip balms.

Maybe not so practical, but these were a passionate collection to have.

Tiny *NSYNC lip balms.

Source: Romper

13. OXY cleansing pads.

Your teenage sisters had OXY pads, for sure. And you couldn’t wait to use them, too. Or maybe when you tried to use them you didn’t like them so much.

OXY cleansing pads.

Source: Kmart

14. Anything brown-red.

This brown-red color is a timeless shade. Yet somehow not as popular these days. Maybe not so timeless after all!

Anything brown-red.

Source: Bustle

15. Bonne Bell

Bonne Bell gave us glitter, gloss, and everything that seemed somehow edible. Actually, Bonne Bell is still around folks!

Honestly, anything Bonne Bell.

Source: Kmart

16. Frosted lipstick

It was true that all kind of shiny makeup was IN back then! If you really loved the whole frosted trend, you definitely paired this with the silver frosted cream eyeshadow, too.

Frosted lipstick.

Source: Shoes and Sunsets

17. Britney Spears’ Fantasy perfume

Was it the design, the scent, or just the love for the pop star? Probably all of these together.

Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume.

Source: Perfume Malaysia

We also wanted this because the scent is like a cotton candy perfume remix.


18. Sun In Hair lightener

Whenever your parents didn’t let you permanently highlight your hair, you did it in a sneaky way. A true rebel of the ’90s/’00s.

Sun In Hair Lightener.

Source: Her Campus

19. Scented sticky glitter hair spray

Those 90s times actually hooked us up with all that glitter and delicious scents.

 Scented sticky glitter hair spray.

Source: eBay

20. Anything vanilla-scented

Sweet smell was indeed a special kind of important.

Anything vanilla-scented.

Source: Pinterest

Vanilla was something we adored.


21. Funky foam toe separators

Did anyone ever actually use these or were they just some random stuff in your house? They just sat on your dresser, prettily.

Funky foam toe separators.

Source: AliExpress

22. L’Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer

I don’t think this one actually worked. But it was another sweet-scented beauty product, and we needed to add another to the collection, of course!

L'Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer.

Source: Walmart

If you feel nostalgic about something you did back in this magical decade, here are some more examples of 90s trends.

From: diply

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