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23 Funny Pictures That Will Distract You From The Boring Stuff You’re Probably Doing Right Now

We’re all guilty of procrastination. Even me. If you’re not aware, procrastinating basically means delaying something we are supposed to do until we actually feel like doing it. We all have certain chores and everyday tasks that we’d gladly be distracted from, and these 23 pictures will do exactly that.

1. It’s always good to make new friends, right?

23 Funny Pictures 1

Source: Reddit | handlethevibe

2. Millennials…he probably still pays their phone bills, too…

23 Funny Pictures 2

Source: Instagram | @aranjevi

3. Interesting brand name they got there

23 Funny Pictures 3

Source: Reddit | olepowerbill

4. The squad might not be very pleased

23 Funny Pictures 4

Source: Reddit | colebearden

5. Close enough

23 Funny Pictures 5

Source: Reddit | yudoit

6. Best birthday ever

23 Funny Pictures 6

Source: Instagram | @will_ent

7. Not to offend anyone, but that’s a good style

23 Funny Pictures 7

Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

8. He’s real!



9. Remember that girl who wore McDonald’s to-go bags instead of shoes?


Source: Twitter | @martynhett

10. The trend has caught on, apparently.

I can’t justify paying $545 for what is literally a McDonald’s medium fries box on my shoes, but some people can…


Source: Instagram | @word_onda_street

11. There’s no escape


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

12. Sibling goals?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

13. Literally roasted.

Get it? Huh? Get it? Cause chef, he roats food, and stuff… Okay yes I know, my puns should give me a key to a special room in hell.


Source: Instagram | @satanicsideoftumblr

14. If I was trekking through this forest and this was in front of me, that pizza would have been eaten right now.


Source: Reddit | hypnozooid

15. It would have been interesting to see the face of the person who got this lollipop


Source: Reddit | ching2015

16. So that’s what Obama’s been doing after Trump took office…


Source: Reddit | Vault-Tec_Security

17. Imagine living in a world like this


Source: Imgur | nuclearwaffle121

18. Clever


Source: Twitter | @lionpudding

19. That pigeon probably exploded shortly after this photo was taken


Source: Twitter | @tinatbh

20. So relatable it hurts


Source: Twitter | @woridstarhiph0p

21. This also is quite relatable


Source: Twitter | @tyleroakley

22. Shame it (probably) doesn’t taste as good


Source: Reddit | SirEleventy

23. He’s sick of life, look at him


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad
Main Image via Reddit | Vault-Tec_Security

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