These 23 Ingenious Ways Will Get You The Lips Of Your Dreams

Who doesn’t want healthy, full, beautiful-looking lips? If you give your lips the treatment they deserve that’s exactly what you’ll get and they will end up looking amazing with minimal effort.

Here are 23 inventive and creative ways to get the lips of your dreams, compiled by Tapoos.


1. Choose complementing colors


The most important thing when looking for the perfect lip color is to know what color suits you best. The lipstick choice will depend on your complexion and also the skin tones underneath. If you have warm skin tones, that is if you like the way gold jewelry looks on your skin rather than silver, it’s recommended to wear neutral, coral pink or brown lipstick.

On the other hand, if your skin tone is cooler, that is if your skin tone is best complemented by jewel colors such as navy blue or a solid red, you should wear a plum, lavender-pink or bright red lipstick.


2. Go for homemade balm



All you need to make a natural lip balm free of chemicals are shea or coconut butter, beeswax, and some Vitamin E oil. Melt the butter and beeswax, add some essential oil for smell and dark forest fruit for color. The lip balm can be used for up to a month just resist eating it since it sounds so delicious.

3. Everyday moisturizing



Don’t forget to moisturize your lips to keep them soft. Wind, air pollution, and sun exposure will make them dry and might even discolor them. So, invest in some high-quality lip balm with SPF.

4. Natural plumping



If you want to have bigger, plumper lips there is no need to do anything extreme or drastic such as botox injections. You can have the same result by increasing the blood circulation to them the natural way. Just mix some cinnamon with a half teaspoon of olive or coconut oil and rub it on your lips. Or, simply rub a piece of french ginger to increase the blood flow.

5. Lip nourishment



Never underestimate the power of a good lip serum. And, it’s even better when it is homemade; just mix some honey or aloe with coconut or olive oil. Then let it stay on your lips for 10 minutes and wash it off with some water. Voila, perfect lips.

6. Conditioning isn’t just for hair



Who said you should use a conditioner only on your hair. Did you know that conditioning your lips is what will save them from cracking and flaking?  You can do it in a few fairly simple steps; first, scrub your wet lips with some sugar and honey, you can use your fingers or a toothbrush, and then apply some moisturizing cream or a coconut oil.

7. Lip dye



There is a safe and easy way to make your lip color last longer. Mix some food dye, with a lip peel mask and put the combination on your lips. After a while, peel off the dry mask and you will have the color on your lips. Simple as that.

8. Direction matters



Applying lipstick can be difficult, that’s why it is best to begin from the middle of your lips and then swipe to the edges as required. Or, if you want you can put a few dots of lipstick on your lips and then spread it with your fingers.

9. Avoid the dark



Dark lipsticks might look gorgeous, but it’s recommended to avoid them if you don’t want your lips to look smaller than they already are.

10. Accentuate from above



To highlight and define your lips first draw the outside of your lip edges and then apply the lipstick.

11. Highlighted lips



Your highlighter can be multi-functional. Put some of it in the middle of your lips to add some glow to your lipstick.

12. Powder the gloss



Lip glosses, no matter how amazing they look, don’t last long. To prolong it’s life, just add some powder yo your lips and use a paper tissue to blot away the excess.

13. Plumping thin lips



If you were not blessed with full lips, don’t worry. Apply some lip gloss to just the center of the lips to bring focus to that part only. It will make the whole mouth look much plumper than it actually is.

14. Toothbrush hack



As mentioned before, to get rid of any dead skin cells from your lips, just rub them with a soft-bristled toothbrush for a few minutes.

15. The ombre transition



If you want your lips to be unique and distinctive, make the edges and corners darker. This ombre method will get you a lot of compliments.

16. Artistic tendencies



For all those people who love to experiment, here is an interesting idea. Apply different shades of lip liners on your lips and be surprised by the amazing results.

17. Accurate liner



We all know that drawing an accurate line with your lip liner is essential, so to make things easier make the tip of the liner a little blunt for easier smudging.

18. Match the liner



Always try to match the color of the lip liner with your lipstick. A good idea would be to buy them together.

19. No-lipstick lipstick



If you are in urgent need of a lipstick but don’t happen to have one on you, mix some vaseline with any shade of eyeshadow.

20. Matting it up



Matte lipsticks are very trendy lately, but if you don’t own one, you can just transform your glossy lipstick into the matte. Just put on your lipstick as normal, and then apply some translucent powder. Remove any extra powder with a foundation brush.

21. The full effect



For fuller and plumper looking lips use the layering method. This means putting a darker shade of lipstick on first, and then a light one.

22. Apply in layers



To tone down a strong lipstick shade, put a very light layer on first and then work from there.

23. Always soften first



Don’t apply lipsticks or lip liners before applying some lip balm first. That way it will work as a foundation and it will make your lips softer.


From: tapoos