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23 Short Hair Struggles That Are Too Real


Back in the days when you were a tiny little girl, you may have dreamed of having the longest hair ever possible, but those days are long gone. Now, short hair is equally stylish and some women would never go back to having long hair. But, let’s be honest, having short hair is a real challenge. It comes with certain struggles, and here are some of them.

1. “Why did you cut it? It was so long and beautiful!”

This is probably the most annoying of the questions out there… Instead of getting a compliment, you get this, and it can hurt sometimes.


Source: Instagram | @chloenbrown

2. Bad hair days are bad and a hat is necessary.

Sometimes, not even hair products can help. Luckily, that’s why you have a hat.


Source: Pinterest | J U L E S

3. You have had at least a dozen Alfalfa moments.

Sadly, sometimes short hair doesn’t want to cooperate. Hello, Alfalfa and hello gel!


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4. “Do you plan on growing it out any time soon?”

The second most annoying question that people keep asking.


Source: Instagram | @shorthair_love

So many questions and so little patience for any of them.


5. You might have been called “sir” once or twice.

When they realize their mistake and get all awkward and quiet, you just think it was a hilarious moment.


Source: Instagram | @mr.anthony.v

6. “When did you cut it?”

This one is not so annoying, but you probably don’t even remember your last haircut.


Source: Instagram | @iamjhud

7. People assume you had a breakup or a major crisis when you cut it.

Which is probably far from the truth.


Source: Instagram | @salsalhair

8. “Oh, well, I guess it works for summer!”

Actually, it’s not your summer hairstyle.


Source: Instagram | @claraingridisabel

Why would I limit this style to only one season?

Short hair is perfect for winter, fall, and spring as well.


9. Those who want a more masculine hairstyle, need to specify that

Otherwise, stylists assume you want a super feminine one.


Source: Pinterest | Jaime Finch

10. People might assume you’re a lesbian because you have a short haircut.

Sadly, it does happen.

Source: Instagram | @rubyrose

11. Winter can be harsh.

You need a scarf at all times during the cold months, so be prepared.


Source: Hairstyles Digest

12. That scary grow-out stage if you do decide to let it grow.

It can take a century to grow out, but there is also that horrible in-between stage where it is too long but too short.

Jennifer Lawrence is probably the only person who could rock this stage.



13. You ask for a trim and come out looking like a boy in junior high.

It has probably  happened to you at least once.


Source: Pinterest | Kristen Henry

14. You spend a lot more money on haircuts.

There are so many trims to do in a year…


Source: Instagram | @d_k_a

15. “So, how long was it before?”

Why does it matter anyway?


Source: Instagram | @sarahb.h

16. “I just feel like you have more options with long hair.”

Good for you! But not for me!


Source: Instagram | @theglamourbox

17. The dreaded curling iron burn.

Or burns from trying to use any hot tools on your short hair.


Source: Instagram | @findingwende

18. Styling it is so hard!

You think that having short hair means that it would be low-maintenance, but, in fact, every morning requires styling.


Source: Instagram | @shorthair_love

19. “Were you inspired by *insert name of a celeb with a pixie cut here*?”

Maybe they just wanted to get a haircut.


Source: Instagram | @brownbaldie

20. Trying to find a style that works for the gym.

Just because it’s short doesn’t mean that your hair won’t get in your face, so good luck styling it!

Amber Rose has the right idea with a baseball cap.


Source: Instagram | @amberrose

21. Two words: wet hair.

Water and short hair do not look so well together…


Source: Instagram | @harri_harri_harri

22. “Phantom” hair.

Phantom hair is when you run your fingers through your newly cut hair and forget that it stops way sooner than you’re used to. You need to adjust, we get it.


Source: Instagram | @brenep13

23. You have to sacrifice sleep for a style.

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes, you’ll need to come up with some clever solutions. Clever does not always include comfortable.


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