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23 Times Living With Siblings Was A Real War At Home


Trying to cope with your parents when you are a young rebel is hard, especially if you have a lot of siblings. Sometimes, jealousy gets the better of us and when a new baby comes in the house, all you do is plot how to make life difficult for them. As time goes on, however, you truly realize how much you love them, although you can’t turn your back on all those rebellious fights you’ve had. Having a sibling often means you are at war in your own home. And this gallery from Diply shows what it looks like for most people.

1. Having to protect your leftovers like this is an every-day issue.

Growing up with siblings makes you appreciate each and every thing you own!


Source: Reddit | Another1won

2. Living with siblings in a small house can be excruciating!

Sometimes, you gotta practice your dance moves at home, and your sibling needs to be more careful!

Source: Storyful Rights Management

3. Little sister writes a hateful, but adorable note.

So “innocent!”!


Source: Twitter | @abbygailrosee

4. “Sister got me this for my 18th birthday…” wrote Spoon1997.


Source: Reddit | Spoon1997

She has a point! Gifts never come with batteries! This one is so practical, if you get into deep thinking. But where is the gift? There is no gift!


5. When your sibling finds the food you hid in the fridge.

You’ve got a real Sherlock Holmes for a sibling.


Source: Twitter | @TR3S_LECHE

6. This is so not a coincidence.

I feel bad for the poor baby.


Source: Reddit | the_Pessimist91

7. Siblings can spend a lot of time playing these kinds of games.

Challenge accepted.


Source: Reddit | Purple-Smart

Surprisingly, the innocent one is always the one who pulls off these pranks.


8. Someone is probably going to be selfish when you go out for a family dinner.

You can’t just get all the chicken nuggets AND all the booster seats!


Source: Reddit | calpernicus

9. The first picture seems fine, until you see what’s really going on.

She is handling this so well! Maybe this is fun for her, too!


Source: Imgur | chopthebass

10. There is someone out there!

“My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights.”


Source: Reddit | scroopiedoopie

11. Siblings will happily take all the luck out of your lucky charms.

And your day sucks when your first meal is stripped of its whole reason for being.


Source: Reddit | Simi566

12. Posting unflattering photos of each other on social media has become routine.

“My brother called begging me to take this off Facebook. He didn’t say anything about Reddit though. Happy Siblings Day!”


Source: Reddit | gingerlaughs

13. If you have a twin, you’ll understand…

I guess it’s true that anger is an innate human emotion. Just wait until these two reach their teenage years….


Source: Imgur | Sirenaa

14. When one sibling is at school and the other is at home.

Who will be the lucky one to clean up this mess?


Source: Imgur | prefontaine75

It’s nice to be this creative, but it’s better to be neat.


Source: Giphy

15. When your sibling takes everything you say super literally.

On purpose, of course.


Source: Twitter | @FlyFM958

16. When your sibling picks favorites.

At least she doesn’t call you average.


Source: Reddit | The_Crentist

And it was probably meant as a compliment!


17. Every sibling with the remote thinks they’re going to get through the blockage.

It never happens, though.


Source: Tumblr | castedlight.tumblr.com

18. There’s never a dull moment between siblings!

This is hilarious!


Source: Twitter | @__KGRANT

19. I wouldn’t even bother to open it!

No thanks, sis.


Source: Reddit | The_Hodge

20. When your sister calls shotgun.

Letting your sibling ride shotgun is one of the worst ways you could admit defeat.


Source: Twitter | @sophiesnelling

You could always hiss in their ear from the back seat, though.


21. Giving gifts is a special moment.

But sometimes gifts from your siblings look like this.


Source: Twitter | @karablazey

22. When you get in a squabble and your sibling tells your parents that they barely even touched you.


Source: Twitter | devonchopstick

23. Put everything into writing and you sound way more serious!


Source: Twitter | @sepp129

At the end of the day, siblings are your best friends, too.


Here are some more relatable siblings pictures.

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