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24 Celebrities Who Are Terrible At Aging


Nowadays, celebrities wold do just anything to stop the aging process, form undergoing surgeries to facial treatments. However, some of them seem to have youth as their oldest friend. How many times have you looked at Jennifer Lopez, wondering what’s her magic youth potion? If you take pictures of younger and older selves one next to the other, you will see some of them are barely changing!  As for us, all we can do is admire this youthfulness from afar and congratulate them.

Here are 24 famous men and women who have barely changed physically in the past few decades.

1. Paul Rudd, 48


2. Jennifer Lopez, 48

Just look at her! She has barely changed in the past 15 years.



3. Halle Berry, 51

Over 50 and still looking younger than ever!


4. Jared Leto

Try to believe that he is not 25 anymore, but 45. From art-school dropout to a talented movie star, he is a favorite celebrity for many.



5. Mario Lopez

He is now 43, but looks just as young as he did on Saved By The Bell.


6. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock definitely doesn’t look 53. She is part of the female cast of the highly anticipated upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie.


7. Pharrell Williams

44-year-old singer is well-known for his ageless face.


8. Eva Mendes

Look at her, looking almost the same in two photos taken 13 years apart!


9. Gabrielle Union

The 44-year-old actress looks radiant!


10. William Shatner

Doesn’t he look younger now than he did in the early 2000s? Believe it or not, he is now 86.


11. Gwen Stefani

She was just 22 when her band No Doubt got a record deal. She’s still performing today, at age 47.


12. Jennifer Aniston

That cute face did not change at all! Not even today, when she is 48 years old.


13. Elijah Wood

It’s so hard to believe he is 36!


14. Liv Tyler

Woods, Lord of the Rings cast mate has barely aged. She is 40 now.


15. Reese Witherspoon

41-year-old actress could still pass as her old character Elle Woods. Just try to see her with her daughter, they look so much alike!


16. Christy Turlington

She rose to prominence as a supermodel in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, she’s 48 years old.


17. Rob Lowe

He is now 53 and has a different hair color. Nothing else has really changed on his appearance, though.


18. Gwyneth Paltrow

She is famous for her strict diet. Maybe that’s the secret to her 44-year-old’s youthful glow.


19. John Stamos

Full House heartthrob is surprisingly 53 years old.


20. Taye Diggs

The actor made the leap from stage to screen, but didn’t really age. He’s currently 46 years old.


22. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson, 48, never lost his boyish looks.


23. Kate Winslet

Titanic star looks beautiful at 41.


23. Keanu Reeves


If it weren’t for those few white beard hairs, it’d be tough to guess that Keanu Reeves is 52.

24. Helen Mirren


And Dame Helen Mirren is still effortlessly glamorous at 72.


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