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24 Genius Clothing Hacks For Freshening Up Your Closet


It is that time of the year when you finally get to hibernate at home and do nothing! Yay! Or maybe you didn’t do the spring cleaning, and you are stressing out right now, are you? Please don’t because you can do some little projects that will give you plenty of results.

If you want to start with something else, like clothes, you can make use of the following clothing hacks. Because even though you haven’t confessed, you probably have a closet that is messy and full of stained clothes that you didn’t know how to repair.

Hop onboard and discover these great clothing tips!

1. Remove red wine stains from cotton clothes easily.

Instead of tossing out that top, all you need is a little paper towel and some club soda. It will all be fine!

Remove Red Wine Stains From Cotton Clothes.

Source: Memes

2. Use a sharpie to cover bleach stains.

Bleach stains are definitely the worst.  Color over them with a sharpie to make them disappear. Magic, right?

 Use A Sharpie To Cover Bleach Stains.

Source: Sew Many Ways

3. Try on new pants like a pro!

By wrapping the waistband of a pair of pants around your neck, you can see if they will fit your waist. If the ends won’t meet each other, they are probably too small for you.

Try On New Pants Like A Pro!

Source: YouTube | Myntra

4. Make your own ripped jeans rock

Wearing tights under your ripped jeans is an easy way to make them hot! Choose tights with a wild design to accent the denim.

Learn How To Make Your Ripped Jeans Rock.

Source: YAYO

5. Remove pit stains with lemon juice.

A little of this magic stuff under the armpits of your shirts before you wash them will have them like new.

Let Lemon Juice Remove Your Pit Stains.

Source: Mom 4 Real

6. Use baby wipes to remove deodorant stains

Bring your shirt back from the dead by removing stains with baby wipes!

 Use Baby Wipes To Remove Deodorant Stains.

Source: Rick Lew | Real Simple

7. Use clear nail polish to calm your buttons from running wild

Slap on a little clear nail polish to keep your buttons in place forever!

Use A Little Clear Nail Polish To Quit Letting Your Buttons Run Wild.

Source: James Wojcik | Real Simple

8. Remove red lipstick stains

Use some hairspray, let it breathe for a moment, gently dab it, and then throw it in the wash.

Remove Red Lipstick Stains In A Snap.

Source: wikiHow

9. Remove stains from leather boots.

After brushing your boots off, wipe them down with soap and hot water. Then, mix one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and spray them. Finally, rub in some conditioner and spray the boots with a waterproof mixture.

 Remove Stains From Leather.

Source: 11 and Chic

10. De-pill your clothes with a razor.

Get rid of all those pesky little scraps in seconds. All you need to do is wash your clothes, run a razor over them, and then swipe them with a lint roller.

De-Pill Your Clothes With A Razor.

Source: Cotton And Curls

11. Roll your pants when wearing boots

Instead of tucking them inside your boots, just cuff them!

Roll Your Pants The Right Way When You Wear Your Boots.

Source: Pinterest

12. Use a hair straightener to iron your shirt collar perfectly.

Use A Hair Straightener To Iron Your Shirt Collar.

Source: Reddit | BayanBenett

13. Turn old t-shirts into new tank tops.

Put a tank top that fits you well over the shirt you want to redesign. Then, outline the shape of the neckline and the strap width, and cut the t-shirt along the lines you drew. Finally, use the t-shirt scraps to tie the straps together, twisting the back. Lovely!

Slice And Dice Old T-Shirts Into Killer New Tank Tops.

Source: DIY Damsels

14. Kill odors on denim clothes with vodka.

Get a clean spray bottle and mix one shot of vodka with three drops of essential oil. Add some warm water, spray your jeans or denim vest with this magic elixir and let it sit overnight.

Kill Any Odors On Your Denim Clothes With Vodka.

Source: The Lone Home Ranger

15. Revive your old leather shoes with moisturizer.

Put your favorite moisturizer on your old leather shoes and they’ll shine as if they’re brand new.

 Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Leather Shoes With Moisturizer.

Source: Memes

16. Closet cleanout

It might be beneficial to schedule a biannual closet clean-out to determine what you actually wear. You could probably donate some of your items to your local clothing drive.

Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe All Over Again!

Source: Tumblr | attractivecelebsonrepeat

17. Create double hangers with soda can tabs.

By hooking a soda can tab to one of your existing closet hangers, you will save so much space!

Create Double Hangers With Soda Can Tabs.

Source: MacGyverisms

18. Rig A keychain to prevent your zipper from unzipping

Jus hook a key chain onto the end of the zipper and secure it to your button.

Rig A Key Chain To Help Prevent Your Zipper From Unzipping.

Source: Listotic

19. Boost drawer space by stacking clothes differently.

Place them in neat vertical rows to save space.

Boost Drawer Space And Organization By Stacking Clothes Differently.

Source: Darkroom & Dearly

20. Hide bra straps with a paper clip.

Until the perfect bra is invented, a paper clip will get those bra straps in line.

Hide Bra Straps With A Paper Clip.

Source: Instagram | @itsmercie

21. Make your own non-slip hangers.

Wrap rubber bands around the end of a hanger and your silky shirts won’t ever slip off.

Make Your Own Non-Slip Hangers.

Source: Instagram | @lifehackerin

22. Use a shower cap for your shoes when traveling.

A shower cap will keep your shoes together in your luggage and prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Use A Shower Cap For Your Shoes When You Travel.

Source: Instagram | @tailors_executive

23. Use pool noodles to keep boots upright.

Pick up a few pool noodles from the dollar store and your boots will always be standing straight.

Use Pool Noodles To Keep Your Boots Upright.

Source: Instagram | @rainbowsendflagstaff

24. The ultimate bra hack for backless dresses.

Try sewing an old bra with the clasps removed to the inside of your backless dress. Finally!

Try The Ultimate Bra Hack For Backless Dresses.

Source: Skunkboy
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