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24 Fantastic Beauty Hacks For Makeup, Hair, Manicure and Skin

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Every one of us has a secret hack when it comes to makeup. So why not, share these tips with others?  The great feeling when we help someone can not be described with words sometimes.  Therefore we have found this list of 24 awesome beauty, makeup, hair and manicure tips. For sure you will want to try some immediately.


1. Eye-pencil maintenance

Put your eye pencil in the fridge for few minutes before you sharpen it. This way you will prevent it from totally crumbling when you sharpen it. It’s important to remember that an eye-pencil crumbles off while sharpening due to warm temperatures.

eye pencil in fridge

2. Perfect Eyeliner

It’s an eternal struggle. But from now on you will be able to draw the outlines precisely. Don’t rush for filling them up you have to do this only you are already done outlining the shape you want.  For flawless results decide the kind of wing you want to have at the beginning. Then draw its outer design before you fill it in.


3. Mix for a stunning Classy Look

Simple dark or dull colors often don’t do the trick so why not mixing up some bright colors like green and blue with cream and brown. These combinations look great and you will have a completely new look which will be shiny yet classy.

green and blue eyeshadows

4. Eye makeup Remover

Coconut oil is a great, chemical free eye-makeup remover. Apply some on a cotton pad and rub gently on your eyes. You will not rub your eyes violently to take the colors off anymore. You will forget about red eyes after the removal. Be careful and make sure it does not get in contact with the sensitive parts of the eye.

coconut oil

5. For Better Lip shade

Coat your lips with a translucent powder before applying lipstick, it will hold on to the shade for longer. This is a great hack if your lip shade fades away quickly. The powder hack can also come in handy for a matte look.

translucent powder

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