24 Funny Antics That Will Definitely Make Your Day

24 Funny Antics That Will Definitely Make Your Day


They say that laughter prolongs your life. So here’s a compilation of some people’s funny antics that will surely make your day!

Check them out and let us know which is your favorite.

1. What is there to comment? This man has a melon helmet on, for whatever reason

Now that's using your melon!

Source: Imgur | forgottenastronauts

2. Granny nailed it!

 Granny nailed it!

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

3. Yet another melon-mystery. What could they possibly be debating about? Sadly, we’ll never know

He probably has some juicy gossip

Source: Pleated-Jeans

4. True love, everyone

How you know it's true love ♥

Source: Instagram | @theladbible

5. The joke took an unexpected turn when an angry officer took him in because of a warrant he had for unpaid parking tickets

This would be hilarious!

Source: Runt of the Web

6. But why?

Simply adorable

Source: Reddit | _artbreaker

7. Fail

One of the best selfies I've seen in a long time

Source: Reddit | biharibhaiya

8. When your BFFs’ take you to a match you don’t give a s*** about

Just a fan in general, ya know?

Source: Reddit | GPilla

9.  I’m positive he wears this shirt every Wednesday!

Apparently, he wears this shirt every Wednesday!

Source: Reddit

10. The kid gave an honest statement

 Kids know how to do it right!

Source: Twitter | @LOUDPVCK

11. He most certainly won’t mate

And when they don't, you can bet Dad will help 'em out!

Source: Reddit | reductable

12. Secret rave parties at hospitals?

He's a young sole...

Source: Reddit | bigstribs

13. This dad couldn’t be more “dad”

Another kind of protester...

Source: Reddit | pepsodont

14. You could’ve just listened to your mom, Griffin

Maybe you should listen to your mother, Griffin...

Source: Reddit | davetay1021

15. When your mom finally stops judging your crew

When your mom makes some new friends

Source: Reddit | pBlast

16. Wish my roommate was as innovative as this

And then there's this diligent pun-master

Source: Instagram | @punsworld

17. Why molest a statue?

This girl's a bit cheeky

Source: Reddit | Legoyman

18. This guy’s amazing opening line on Tinder

This guy's amazing opening line on Tinder

Source: Imgur | RockyFrigginBalboa

19. Now even cats aren’t fond of actor Nicolas Cage?

And of anyone who would have this pillow in their place!

Source: Reddit

20. Walter White or wheat? Not sure if Breaking Bad is the show you want to advertise at the store, but it’s your call!

This artistic grocery store employee

Source: Imgur | Jonjonnotaleprechaun

21. When you want to prove you’re a strong, independent woman

She's just learnin' to love herself...

Source: Reddit | buttercat

22. What did mom think of this?

 This guy knows how a playpen should really be used!

Source: Imgur | Argyllcampbell

23. Mom? Dad? Do you love me at all?

These parents definitely have their priories in order!

Source: Reddit | knbrickh

24. If someone trolled me like this, I would just constantly go open the fridge to see how everyone’s doing.

 And lastly, anyone who understands the benefits of googly-eyes!

Source: Reddit | w0rmholes
From: diply

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