24 Photos That’ll Make You Believe In Childhood Sweethearts


Love at first sight, is not something that only happens in fairytales or movies. There are many examples of couples that fell in love and lived happily ever after. Some of them were childhood friends. Others meet in high school or at work.

We have a gallery of couples who are proof that true love exists for real. They are childhood sweethearts.

1.  They had their firs kiss 15 years ago and since then this happy couple is still in love.


2.  This couple is together for fourteen years. They are cute now as much as they were when they were kids.


3. Basically, they grew up together. They are still in love as they were 5 years ago.


4. This sweet couple recreated a wonderful photo from their childhood. Although they are much older now, it’s obvious they are in love.


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