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23 Side Chest Tattoos That Say More Than They Show


Tattoos are a great way to express your individuality in a creative way. You can go for almost anything and anywhere you want, there are no rules! If you are a person who likes subtle and not so intrusive tattoos, you can opt for a ‘side-chest’ inking. There are so many ideas to choose from and you will probably fall in love with some of these discreet designs.

Here are 24 side chest tattoos that will totally inspire you!

1. Hope

It is a powerful message all people need to hear.  Subtle and pretty.


Source: Instagram | hjsoutwood

2. Mermaid on the Moon

It is a simple concept with an elegant look. The Mermaid is grasping the moon, longing for something. She is also surrounded by magical beads that drape casually around her. This tattoo is absolutely stunning!


3. Sprouting Flower

Flower patterns on this spot look amazing! The design is elegant and brings a whole new perspective to the word flower.


Source: PB

4. The Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures, so why not mkae them a permanent feature? It will say so much about your personality…Coolest bird on the planet!


Source: PB

5. Love Yourself First

A powerful message that many people tend to forget too easily. Self-loving should be a priority for everyone.


Source: PB

6. The Bouquet

This cluster of flowers looks beautiful on skin.


Source: PB

7. Abstract Treble Clef Bloom

This one is very unique. Music, flowers, and dots are all put together for special significance.


Source: PB

8. Little Wildflowers

This tiny and simple wildflower tattoo is really pretty. If you want something simple, get this one!


9. Watercolor Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers or asabikeshiinh (the Ojibwe word for Spider) are hand-woven willow branches that form a net. These are sometimes embellished with sacred items like feathers. They used to be hung above baby cradles for protection. Beautiful!


Source: Instagram | tiffymhair88

10. Sketched Flowers with Watercolor

The monochromatic triangle is the best detail, apart from the colors, of course!


Source: Instagram | everlyfinebridal

11. Vibrant Flower

The colors are also a natural way to show off your inner beauty.


Source: Instagram | jarred757

12. Feather in the Wind

Stunning in it’s simplicity.


Source: Instagram | robipascuabzzt

13. Chest-Squid

It is a fun tattoo to put on the side of your chest. So creative!


Source: Instagram | megatrontattoos

14. Teensy Waves

Small, simple, and elegant!


Source: PB

15. Goldfish Outline

It might be simple, but it’s beyond beautiful.


Source: Instagram | ryanholdentattoos

16. Fall Flowers

Her is another great example of the watercolor tattoo. It looks like a fun art project immortalized by the art of tattoo. Stunning!


Source: Instagram | david_tattoos

17. The Scribble Heart

A simple heart tattoo can go a long way. Tiny, simple, yet very powerful!


Source: PB

18. Lego Superman

Isn’t this one the best of the best? The iconic DC superhero, reimagined in Lego form, is holding up this woman’s breast! Hilarious!


Source: Instagram | skye1981

19. Diving Mermaid

This one is for the mermaid lovers out there. Playful, free-spirited mermaid appears as though she is swimming across the person’s skin.


Source: PB

20. Random Shapes

It may look random, but it’s actually quite meaningful and orderly.


Source: PB

21. Mystery Flower

There’s no doubt about it folks, flowers are really in this season. This side chest tattoo perfectly accentuates the person’s body. Simple line art is always a fantastic choice when tattooing yourself. It’s a really great way of showing that you don’t have any fuss when it comes to your expression.


Source: PB

22. Collection of Garden Blooms

This is an excellent idea for a spring tattoo. The two lower flowers seem to be breaking off the wreath, suggesting some kind of symbolic meaning.


Source: PB

23. The Goddess

It gives a sense of great power, doesn’t it? This says a lot about the person, actually.


Source: Instagram | insta_tatuaggi

If you re a fan of tiny tattoos, here are some more ideas.

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