24 Sobering Pictures That Prove All Those Perfect Social Media Photos Are A Lie

24 Sobering Pictures That Prove All Those Perfect Social Media Photos Are A Lie

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Social media has mutated to something very different than just a way to stay in touch with friends and family. More and more people are using social media for their own gains and as a way to develop their personal business or brand. Understandably, this necessitates marketing, and with it, a lot of fakery ensues.

If you pay more attention, you’ll notice that there’s almost a complete lack of spontaneous or just ordinary images. People go to great lengths to fish for likes by crafting the perfect social media ‘baits,’ so to speak.

And it all seems to be so effortless – which is actually the biggest lie. To prove it, Providr has collected 24 ‘behind the scenes’ pictures that show what it looks like to be on the face of the place – and see the scam for what it is. Enjoy! (And have a good laugh, or a cry, depending.)

1. Those supposedly artistic, but actually awkward selfies.

Connected with nature? Sure. For like 10 seconds or so, while everyone else is scratching their heads.

social media1
Instagram /@b0mbtweets

2. When you are creative but don’t have Photoshop

All you need is just some brains, honestly. Like this girl… High-quality bait, especially for the male audience (well, the female too), and all at the cost of – her knees.

social media2


3. Those perfect looking meals

… Actually go cold because no one’s bothered with actually eating them. The bulk of the time is spent on throwing all kinds of crap around the food itself, in order to make it more appealing. For Instagram’s algorithms and shallow tastes. Yuck.

social media3
Twitter /@bigbrowsmessyh1

4. If we could only zoom out…

And see reality’s imperfections sticking out like a sore thumb, ruining all that plastic social media perfection. Ahhh. The wonders of framing I guess.

social media4
Twitter /@aleighmichelle

5. Pool floaties

Just shouldn’t be a thing.

social media5
Twitter /@juliejigsaw

6. You can fake your butt or boobs with the help of your knees

Who needs legs for walking, seriously, when you can use them to master the art of selling through illusion? You have a bright future in front of you, kid.

social media6

7. When you need to fake your vacation

For whatever reason, really. And I can only think of a few… But, it’s doable – whether you want to make everyone jealous or just pretend you’re living the high life, all you need is very basic items. A potted plant and a cup will do the trick. Of course… don’t let anyone see you ‘vacationing,’ ahem.

social media7
Twitter /@agencedisko

8. When a selfie stick is a status symbol

And you have to fake it… For whatever purpose. I just don’t understand.

social media8

9. Sigh

It’s silly but sex sells, and it seems everyone’s trying to capitalize. Thanks friend, 200 extra likes are still 200 extra likes, hey.

social media9
Instagram / @libbyamalia50

10. It’s a million dollar question

Why would a single person pretend they’re taken? Doesn’t that ruin their chances of them actually finding any romantic interests? Anyone have the answer to this one?

social media10
Twitter / @patricepannell5

11. Another one

Thankfully, this guy is just joking. Or is he?

social media11
Twitter /@sistolediastole

12. That ONE perfect shot

Usually means another 300 failed attempts and your phone or camera beeping they’re running out of memory/battery. Which means, relax, nobody is that perfect in real life.

social media12
Twitter /@LadyDamfino

13. Mystery solved!

One of those ‘But who took the picture then?’ conundrums. The truth is… well, both sad and humorous.

social media13
Huffington Post

14. Pondering the meaning of life?


social media14
Imgur / palabunda

15. This explains the recent hiking plague

All those people suddenly being so very active and climbing mountains and running marathons, right? And each and every one of them end up with these perfect photos of their sudden spike of outdoor activity. Hmmmm.

social media15
Instagram /@gab.clt

16. Better take 200 shots

Because the ocean doesn’t care.

social media16
Instagram /@katimroc

17. A heroic event!

Well, more like a humorous one. Poor dog, it got upset! We don’t call them our best friends for nothing. Dogs are incapable of mocking, luckily for this guy.

social media17
Reddit/u/ frenchheart

18. Want to travel the world?

Buy a 4K led TV. Seriously, some are as large as your entire wall and offer an extreme degree of image detail. With such a television set, you’ll successfully fool everyone that you’re a rich person. Which… Being able to afford a huge 4K TV, you probably are!

social media18

19. Need a cool looking Instagram post?

Feeling that itch to pretend again? Mmmm… Better scratch it. Just find a magazine full of amazing photos and there you go – you got yourself a full-month’s worth of Instagram material.

social media19
Twitter /@TimStark12

20. It’s all in the angle

You look great… From THIS angle. But from the other one? Well, I better stop talking.

social media20
Instagram /@edelman11

21. Looking to buy a new super-expensive kitchen?

Nah, I am just lookin’. (*Snap snap snap*)

social media21
Twitter /@itss_Crystalll

22. We’ve all seen those programmers bragging

But only on our SCREENS. Seriously, when was the last time you went vacationing and saw someone code something on their laptop on the beach? Right?

social media22
Twitter / @MrPassingham

23. Pets can be famous too!

Why stop with humans? Social media is here for all, and everyone deserves their 5 minutes of faux fame and 1 like!

social media23
Twitter /@HillsPet

24. When you missed that game

But you actually didn’t, because everyone on social media SAW you right there, on the stadium, right? Well, seeing is believing, I guess…

social media24
Twitter /@chaangira
Source: providr

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