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24 Times People Were Left Baffled But The Internet Came To The Rescue


There is a place on the Internet to find out what that odd-looking thing that you stumbled across actually is. It is a subreddit called What Is This Thing? where people post photos of unidentifiable objects. New inquiries are being posted there all the time, and people on the Internet will help you get an answer to your question. If you ever wonder what is that weird thing you found in your toaster, the Internet will come to the rescue and tell you that it’s actually a rattlesnake rattle. What?

Here is a collection of people’s most interesting finds compiled by Providr. 

1. What’s on my band-aid?

Reddit user the_silly_fish shared a photo of band-aids that had some green stuff on them wondering what the green thing was. User  I_Me_Mine gave a pretty detailed answer: “My guess, as a former R&D director at an OTC drug lab, is that the acrylate in the adhesive has absorbed too much ambient moisture over the last five years (or has been exposed to higher-than-usual temperatures and lower-than-usual humidity) and is precipitating out of the adhesive solution that keeps a band-aid stuck to your skin. The green is likely a result of that precipitation leaching some component of the bandage color that’s green at the right pH. These both explain the uniformity of color and crystallization, but since medical devices like bandages don’t require ingredient lists on their packaging, I can’t say what it might be specifically. Edit: Or they’re sprinkles.”


Source: Reddit/the_silly_fish

2. Tiny coats of arms

Reddit user LethalDeadlyCuteSnek posted a photo of cool tiny coats of arms and wrote, “I’ve met an old man in Germany and he sent me these little coats of arms, telling me to visit each of these locations before I die. What are they exactly used for.”

Reddit user mightyfrog answered: “walking stick medallion”. And someone else explained that these are actually hiking medallions, or ‘Stocknagel’ in German.


Source: Reddit/LethalDeadlyCuteSnek

3. What is THAT?

Reddit user BundleOfSticks556 shared with the Internet a photo of a terrifying creature asking: “What is this demonic looking creature.” Reddit user spooky_spaghetties answered “Male Creatonotos gangis moth with its scent glands out to attract females.” Oh, so it’s just looking for love. However, it looks like it came from an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world.


Source: Reddit/BundleOfSticks556

4. Retro keyboard

Reddit user ianf2k17 posted a photo of an ancient keyboard and asked why does it have a coffee cup key, “An old Samsung PC Keyboard… What is the coffee cup key for”” Reddit user mrrp responded with “It activates the screen saver.””

Oh, so you can’t really order coffee from Starbucks when pressing the key. Shame.


Source: Reddit/ianf2k17

5. A rattlesnake rattle

Reddit user Sal25 posted a picture of something that looked like a cockroach in their toaster. “What is this? Found it in my toaster. Please don’t tell me it’s some kind of Cockroach molt.” Reddit user 99999999999999999989 gave the answer everyone feared: “Damn, that looks a lot like a rattlesnake rattle.”


Source: Reddit/sal25

6. That looks like mac and cheese

However, it is not. Reddit user iChickk wrote, “what the hell is on my car.”  Sal9002 figure it out “A Spiny Oak-Slug Caterpillar covered in eggs from a parasitic Braconid Wasp”


Source: Reddit/iChickk

7. Is that something to be jealous of?

Reddit user dr_rentschler shared a photo of a plant inside of a jar and wrote, “This…thing…showed up inside the humid jar of my carnivorous plants. What is this thing”” James9075 wrote, “It is absolutely a slime mold and I am so jealous! If you take a sample, you can put it in a separate jar or bowl and keep it as a new pet. They eat oats.”


Source: Reddit/dr_rentschler

8. Good eye

Reddit user Fred330 wrote, “What are these circles on a window of a bus and what do they do?” Reddit user Warphim answered, “Frit,’ a baked-in ceramic paint serving 3 purposes: a) Prevent ultra violate rays from deteriorating window sealant; b) Offers a more abrasive surface for adhesion to help with the seal; c) Creates a barrier to stop you from seeing the messy seal.

The dots serve two purposes: a) Because Frit is black, it heats up faster than the rest of the glass during manufacturing. This heat difference can cause issues in production so they make it gradual to reduce stress points; b) Aesthetics – it’s a visually pleasing way for integrating a function.”


Source: Reddit/Fred330

9. How do you know that?

Reddit user turtlepowr89 wrote, “My relative found these eggs in her yard in Georgia, hanging from a tree. What is this thing?” Reddit user CWreck asnwered “I’m betting a bird of prey caught itself a pregnant snake and had started tearing into it but flew off with the rest of the snake and this Uterine Tube fell out due to the weight of the eggs.”


Source: Reddit/ahoko

10. That’s so cool

Reddit user ahoko posted a picture in DC and wrote, “Saw this guy crossing the street in DC. What is it?” Reddit user OrzBlueFog replied, “It’s a semi-autonomous food delivery robot, drone, whatever from Starship Technologies.”


Source: Reddit/turtlepower89

11. Is that a beehive?

Reddit user Meatlumpsandwar posted a picture from their friend’s place and wrote, “A co-worker found a hive on her balcony. She is convinced that is a beehive. I am not but I don’t know what insect it is.” Reddit user Maj_LeeAwesome had the answer: “Amateur beekeeper here. Those look very much like dwarf honey bees, and their open nest structure almost certainly confirms it.

Somewhere in Asia, I’m guessing? They are great little producers, and if it’s out of the way, you can leave them bee (heh) but if you want them moved, please contact a local beekeeper who would love them. I would come get them myself, but I’m guessing it’s quite far from where I live.”


Source: Reddit/Meatlumpsandwar

12. That’s odd

Reddit user benc972 wrote, “I was off-roading with my kids today and found this in the path blocked by a giant rock. Any ideas? Reddit user Mr_Xorn had an idea: “What you are looking at is indeed quite old. And two different things. The part closer to us is a mosaic floor. Can you see the horizontal line closest to us on the floor? That’s the border, the rest is interior.

This was likely a less-important part of a larger surface. This part is not decorated, but the rest of it could have been (depending on the significance of the building). The square rock with the hole in it up top right is a column base. Columns were generally made of ‘drums’ with divets and lumps on either end so that they could neatly stack and sit in place. This could be anywhere between 100 BC-7th C AD, and could have been continuously used much later on.”


Source: Reddit/benc972

13. Interesting

Reddit user iHaveACatDog wrote, “The collection was given to me 25 years ago because I collect knives. No one knows where it’s from or the purpose of the stick (there’s space for 2 sticks, but only one was in it when given to me). The US quarter for scale.” Reddit user ChodeOfChodeHall responded, “Under the Qianlong emperor (reigned 1736-1796) the wearing of these sets became mandatory for all Manchus and Mongols. Their tradition had been cutting meat straight from the bone.

This was in contrast to the Chinese method of eating, where the food was pre-cut into bite-sized pieces that could be eaten with chopsticks. In an attempt to preserve elements of the frugal and outdoorish nature of the Manchu and Mongol lifestyles under the Qing, it was illegal for them to have their meat pre-cut. And so, all Manchus and Mongols were required to wear these trousse sets to eat their meat in a traditional way.”


Source: Reddit/iHaveACatDog

14. Is that some kind of a sign?

Reddit user Astridasteroid asked, “I came home yesterday afternoon to find this tucked inside my car door. Anyone have a similar experience?” Reddit user Traveller22 answered, “Going down the Wiccan path…Magical uses for pine: The pine tree represents rebirth and immortality and strength in adversity, overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength. A pine branch hung over the door will invite joyful energy inside and a pine branch hung over a bed will ward against illness. Burn pine needles and pine cones to protect your hearth.”


Source: Reddit/Astridasteroid

15. Fool’s gold

Reddit user D3adkl0wn posted a photo of a rock and wrote, “Odd square metal embedded in a rock. What is this thing?” The answer came from Reddit user GreenStrong who wrote, “Pyrite. Fool’s gold. Forms perfect cube crystals, fairly common mineral. Yours appears to be embedded in slate.”


Source: Reddit/D3adkl0wn

16. Don’t touch that

Reddit user goforajog posted a photo and wrote, “Found this on a beach in New Zealand – there were thousands of them at the high water mark. What is it?” Reddit user PantMcShirt answered, “It’s part of a siphonophore, looks awfully like a man o’ war sail with the tentacles broken off. DO NOT TOUCH THEM, like hydrozoans (jellyfish etc) they can have stingers that could potentially be fatal to humans, and will at least be very painful, even after being washed up and dead for some time.”


Source: Reddit/goforajog

17. That’s one brave human

Reddit user Beer_in_an_esky shared this photo and wrote, “I need your help! What is this?” He received an answer from Reddit user FreelanceBadass who said, “These are egg masses laid by the predatory Conical Snail that lives in the sand. Each containing hundreds of snail eggs.”


Source: Reddit/Beer_in_an_esky

18. A bait bottle

Reddit user Buck_Thorn posted a photo of a bottle of medication and wrote, “Oxycodone bottle found in the woods with electronics inside. What is this thing?” Reddit user brazzybraz2102 replied, “Appears to be a ‘bait bottle’ used to track down pharmacy thieves.”


Source: Reddit/Buck_Thorn

19. That must be ancient

Reddit user hiding_in_the_corner posted a photo of a small bottle and wrote, “Super small mini flask? The ‘needle’ screws into the flask. What is this thing?” Reddit user creesa answered, “It’s a pendant for perfume. Typically worn on a necklace.”


Source: Reddit/hiding_in_the_corner

20. It’s just a Magnolia seed head

Reddit user Sanvi shared this photo and wrote, “Took this weird bean home, now it’s opening up and has me more puzzled. What is this thing?” Reddit user theprintmaker had the answer, and wrote, “Magnolia seed head.”


Source: Reddit/Sanvi

21. This creature is from the upside-down

Reddit user MarvelBronze found a small creature and saved it, writing, “Found this guy freezing to death in Southern Michigan this morning. What is this thing?” Reddit user fourmajor responded, “It’s a Blue-spotted Salamander.” Looks so adorable.


Source: Reddit/MarvelBronze

22. Are the aliens finally coming?

Reddit user Krutzfeldt1 posted a beautiful picture of the sky being purple and wrote, “Seen in the sky over Wisconsin last Night. What is this thing?”  Reddit user Killingstick answered “It’s a greenhouse using low energy purple/pink LEDs. On cloudy nights they illuminate a good portion of the sky around them, the yellow ones are even worse.”


Source: Reddit/Krutzfeldt1

23. Huh?

Reddit user Zetch88 posted a photo while on the bus and wrote, “White circlet with purple dots on top of a headdress. What is that? ” Reddit user Zostarius gave an interesting answer: “These ladies are wearing the Crown of the Five Holy Wounds, worn by nuns of the Bridgettine order.”


Source: Reddit/Zetch88

24. Great news!

Reddit user kaptenhefty took a photo of a strange electronic gadget and wrote, “Found this at dead relative’s house. What is this thing?” Reddit user ibuildrockets had some pretty great news: “You’ve got a CD47 Nixie tube – one of the largest (if not the largest) created. It’s very valuable and highly sought after. Here’s a completed auction on eBay where it sold for $1250 Euro (about $1500 USD).”


From: providr

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