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24 Tweets That Will Make Married People Feel Normal Again


Marriage is not a walk in the park. It requires commitment and unconditional love. But also, marriage is a laughing matter, and it promises a very strange, funny life for all those who enter its holy union. You get more comfortable around your partner and you don’t bother about showering as often as you used to. So, if you want a good laugh, have a look at these marriage related tweets compiled by Dipley.

1. Time to spice up the relationship

She is trying so hard, believe me. Let’s just hope he won’t get too excited.


Source: Twitter | @ashleyaustrew

2. A simple question is never just a simple question anymore

Wait a minute, what is this guy up to? He probably has a great sense of humor, can’t say his wife agrees with that.


Source: Twitter | @murrman5

3. When the wife knows exactly what she wants

Just bring her another bottle of wine and don’t ask any questions. Also, it will be your turn to put the kids in bed tonight.


Source: Twitter | @FatherWithTwins

4. When you start questioning why you married him in the first place

“Ok, Jon things are not funny anymore. Let’s have a serious talk.”


Source: Twitter | @ArfMeasures

5. Your love looks perfect on Facebook

In reality though, things are a little bit different. Don’t you dare eat the last piece of the cake.


Source: Twitter | @TheCatWhisprer

6. You love them and accept them the way that they are

Your loved one is your everything, you can’t imagine your life without him. Who will spoon you and cuddle you at night… It’s all seventh heaven until he starts snoring.


Source: Twitter | @Six_Pack_Mom

7. No one wants to take the garbage out. Ever.

Remember in preschool when you learned how to take turns? That comes back around in marriage tenfold.


Source: Twitter | @ian_mendes

8. You are looking forward to staying at home

At least he tried.


Source: Twitter | @pazarm

9. Married people issues

He is obviously angry that he can’t find his umbrella when it’s pouring rain outside.


Source: Twitter | @DWilliamsmh

10. Not everything needs to be shared

He preplanned everything, don’t you dare ruin it.


Source: Twitter | @tchrquotes

11. Marriage sometimes will be kinda gross

Through good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, remember?


Source: Twitter | @bourgeoisalien

12. Married couples favorite activity is eating together

Pizza, leftover lasagna, popcorns and don’t forget the cookies.


Source: Twitter | @crunchenhanced

13. This one is so relatable

Yes, in marriage you will need to be completely selfless but nothing brings joy like family does.


Source: Twitter | @simoncholland

14. When it’s easier to just relent than have the argument.

Dear husband, you know you will agree eventually so why go through the trouble of fighting. Women always get their way.


Source: Twitter | @3sunzzz

15. Why can’t they just leave you be happy

Finally, you are in bed. A moment you’ve been waiting all day long. But you’re not alone, so dare to enjoy the night. Your partner is annoyed by the tiny amount of light you need to use to read your favorite book.


Source: Twitter | @wife_housy

16. This tweet is so accurate it actually hurts

At the beginning of your relationship you just couldn’t stop cuddling before going to sleep. Now even your partner’s breathing is irritating you.


Source: Twitter | @WalkingOutside

17. You got so good at manipulating

But it is adorable and for the good of everyone.


Source: Twitter | @yenniwhite

18. Let’s see if you dare to eat the last chicken wing

There’s honestly nothing funnier than threatening divorce for the silliest reason.


Source: Twitter | @rockymomax

19. You will always have to be there for your partner

Even if it means hearing about their day in the middle of Magic Mike.


Source: Tiwtter | @dumbbeezie

20. When you realize that you can’t get away with anything, ever again.

You think you have gotten away that one time? Oh, my dear fella. You most certainly haven’t.


Source: Twitter | @squirrel74wkgn

21. She will never like what you are wearing, get used to it.

Yes, you can’t wear a sport jersey to her friend’s party.


Source: Twitter | @simoncholland

22. Learn to accept the inevitable

Just say thank you the next time.


Source: Twitter | @david8hughes

23. Blame it on her

Let’s face it, we all get petty with our spouses from time to time. .


Source: Twitter | @david8hughes

24. The whole concept of marriage is saying this all the time

Oh, shoot. I’ll do it next time then.


Source: Twitter | @Mr_Kapowski
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